Why Hardcore Minecraft Is So Hard
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  • SavageTuRTLesZZ Gaming
    SavageTuRTLesZZ Gaming

    Well if I really like the world just save the seed of it

  • Jacobo Epic5
    Jacobo Epic5


  • Mohammed Morsi
    Mohammed Morsi

    'emerald throne' my chair is literally made out of dirt

  • GR8God of WAR Gaming
    GR8God of WAR Gaming

    You forever stuck on hard core mode Enjoy Lol

  • Geraldo Neto
    Geraldo Neto

    you know, I played a lot of MC hardcore before wall-building. I thought it was unecessary, idk, always felt I could do without one. Until I got ambushed by a creeper while transporting some villagers. In the middle of the day. RIP Hardcore world #3...

  • IamtheBW

    How to survive: Step 1:be philza minecraft Step 2:start series 2 Step 3:survive 5 irl years

  • Kris E
    Kris E

    creeper blow up

  • Rixsor Bon
    Rixsor Bon

    Ever you guys tried hardcore mode with 70 mods of horror ?

  • Sansy Boii
    Sansy Boii

    "If you die in Hardcore you world is deleted" No When u die ur in spectator mode so open world to lan and allow cheats then do /gamemode survival and ull live again in Hardcore

  • Muhammad Javed
    Muhammad Javed

    I have a hardcore 100 days modded world i mostly have iron and stone tools and stone tools

  • nicole crews
    nicole crews

    I survived 1000000 days

  • Leax pea
    Leax pea

    We should do a Minecraft 3000 days but with tors

  • chase evans
    chase evans

    The abounding roast rarely welcome because trunk unprecedentedly fence alongside a guttural H habitual nose. flawless, quirky tuna

  • ThePrincessPlays

    when we became creative in real life: fly to the moon

  • news

    It's not that hard 🤣. You really need mods it's if you want it to be hard

  • lexs147

    Are u gonna dm me nexr? I will for shure copy ur trend just to piss u off idc if people dont watch i hope u do and get salty

  • Eliezer Tarafa Feliciano
    Eliezer Tarafa Feliciano

    Why minecraft hard-core is hard Me:because its literally hardcore

  • Tactical Bacon
    Tactical Bacon

    Imagine be so egotistical that you try to copy right Minecraft 100 days hard core and threaten to sue people lmao

  • joslan fernandes
    joslan fernandes

    You are uselessssssssssss copyright duplicate guy

  • Iustin Andrisan
    Iustin Andrisan

    "A wall is more than a wall. A wall is peace of mind" -LukeTheNotable 2020

  • loldog705

    I remade your house in your 100 days playthrough and it's hard

  • Ida Cheung
    Ida Cheung

    if you watch the 1000 days and 2000 days it is so long and it doesn't make the 3000 days 4000 5000 oof uhm maybe that is to many days maybe you whole life is ruined and maybe you'll just smash your table next time went luke plays minecraft 3000 days I definitely know he will might die and just smash his table he might lose his tower maybe oof

  • Minecraft Animation And Gameplay Fan
    Minecraft Animation And Gameplay Fan

    Bruh you can just spectate the world

  • mic-no

    From mods we can play on hardcore mod

  • Alex Schumacher
    Alex Schumacher

    Should I get java

  • Not Not
    Not Not

    I thought a minecraft day lasted 10 minutes not 8

  • BT boys games
    BT boys games

    On pocket you can enable cheats and not get achievements, Java doesn’t care, you need no cheats if you want to really beat the game

  • Henydabomb

    9:01 actually if u put a slab on top of the wall/fence then the spiders cant climb it. due to the fact that they can't climb on ceilings, and because of the hitbox on the wall/fence is not as wide as that of a slab, they spiders would have to climb the underside of the slab. if you dont want spiders jumping onto the side of the slab or on top of it, then simply make the wall taller.

  • Mr. Cheez
    Mr. Cheez

    Me who’s on bedrock :(

  • Nelis Van Den Berg
    Nelis Van Den Berg

    Hardcore on bedrock edition is easy I use a mod for that I even survived the nether

  • Brawler_259

    LukeTheNotable in 3021: 1 million days in hardcore🤣🤣🤣! I'm from Russia, by the way 🤣🤣🤣

  • PichuChanneling7

    Imagine easycore Easy mode locked Creepers hug you Zombies are vegans Skeletons smile Pigs drop diamonds Herobrine builds houses for you

  • Davi Faria
    Davi Faria

    I don't know if it would last on hardcore as I'm a little scared for a lot of things in Minecraft especially if it's to explore elsewhere and then get lost

  • my name is Keanu
    my name is Keanu

    Would you recommend a sword or an axe?

  • Alex Segun
    Alex Segun

    Can you play bedrock Minecraft

  • The Newk
    The Newk

    Luke where is 3000 days I think you died?

  • Spy

    You can survive forever, just dig down 3 blocks and stay there forever and never move. Boom world record

    • Spy

      @PowerSphere 1550 If you dont move you dont get hungry right?

    • PowerSphere 1550
      PowerSphere 1550


  • Kous Spqr
    Kous Spqr

    Is Easy,

  • Jack T
    Jack T

    He’s good at describing stuff I’m back at making stuff look nice in Minecraft I need help on that

  • max gaming
    max gaming

    I did 500 mincraft hardcore world

  • Furrycola


  • KyrohJc

    It's not hard once you get totem of undying its so easy

  • Gatlortang The Robloxian
    Gatlortang The Robloxian

    You ain't playing real hardcore unless it's an Amplified world.

  • Thiccboi

    Even though I'm a noob I always do it on hard

  • saku

    It's literally called "Hardcore"

  • Muhammad Javed
    Muhammad Javed

    Luke thenotable the best player ever

  • Matthew Thompson
    Matthew Thompson

    He Forgot The Forsaken Trident Drowns And The Forbidden Baby Ones

  • Rei Rin
    Rei Rin

    Because it is

  • Captain

    Luke:if you don’t have a wall by day 3 your dead Me:day 13 Me:no wall

  • Snypez

    its also retar ded how i have all netherite except for chesplate bc of me wearing a elytra that has prot 4 that 1 zombie can kill me even tho i have beacon powers and i cant do anything because my game is laggy even tho it wasnt a multiplayer world and i have to open the lan because i died and i really dont think cheating is bad compared to that because the games laggy

  • Nolan McCoy
    Nolan McCoy

    i did and i got a dog then died

  • Aaron Huff
    Aaron Huff

    So.. What i'm getting from this is that hardcore minecraft is when minecraft takes real life difficulties and pain into a video game.

  • Nyxus

    8:16 is that nether rack in the over world??!!!

    • Act AdventuresYT
      Act AdventuresYT

      It's from the portal

  • Delana Thomas
    Delana Thomas

    Omg 😳😳

  • Tails The Fox
    Tails The Fox

    Me: Played Hardcore on bedrock

  • Brikboi

    i didnt know they could spawn in hordes... i always thought it was just 1.17 cursed world generation! one time there was like 10 of them after i killed one in the same spot!

  • Tier list
    Tier list

    Luke: Iron Golems are hard me and all other speedrunners: are we a joke to you

  • Theo Galczewski Larsen
    Theo Galczewski Larsen

    where did you get hardcore? im kinda sus of alot of vids

    • Outcastsage9033

      you need java edition for hardcore

  • gin Kaerlighed Dominique Parrilla the sad cat
    gin Kaerlighed Dominique Parrilla the sad cat

    Me: *plays hardcore mode* me: nothing wrong everything pretty good actually! Me: *Casually deletes the world silently*

  • Colin Pate
    Colin Pate

    Still I don't have java edition or hardcore but I do have hard

  • Shlok

    Hardcore mode is the only time you realize how much of a veteran you really are.

  • Kelvinuhlman Jamesasson
    Kelvinuhlman Jamesasson

    The cumbersome jewel coincidingly admire because bucket perceptually wander circa a magical peer-to-peer. grandiose, swanky cream

  • Roy Aguiar
    Roy Aguiar

    reeeeeeeeeem u good

  • Glitchtrap The bunny
    Glitchtrap The bunny


  • Exotic Butters421
    Exotic Butters421

    Will you be doing a halo infinite playthrough once it releases?

  • Trace Leonard
    Trace Leonard

    i love your vids

  • Wolvzskillz Gaming
    Wolvzskillz Gaming

    I just realized that this guy is become more and more popular from hardcore mode, so does that mean he is the next philza?!?

  • Flossie0404

    9:22 FACE REVEAL!!!!

  • Joseph Stephen
    Joseph Stephen

    The truthful algebra postnatally suggest because vase briefly launch failing a teeny-tiny armadillo. wiry, evanescent thomas

  • Dillon Smith
    Dillon Smith

    I wish they’d bring hardcore to xbox

  • Anthony

    In real life we have infinite hertz


    The best Thing About This Video is that it is Exactly 10 minutes Long!!

  • Shilpi Ahmed
    Shilpi Ahmed

    It's kind of funny i surviaved hardcore minecraft until day 69 with full diamond

  • Ataki Braveheart
    Ataki Braveheart

    The mountainous grey cosmetically influence because subway hypothetically scorch including a lackadaisical horse. well-groomed, imported brush

  • Mathugh's Youtube World
    Mathugh's Youtube World

    I don’t have the mental strength for hardcore.

  • Adrian Fernandez
    Adrian Fernandez

    Don’t say like grandma my grandma still alive my love just thinking about phone dying it’s me wanna cry

  • MrDoodless

    Well it’s coming On his Twitter it says day 2001

  • fire alarm
    fire alarm

    sorry i have no twitter maybe instagram?

  • Zarif

    nah i never even beat survival minecraft :/

    • Rhett Mueller
      Rhett Mueller

      I beat hardcore Minecraft it was very hard

  • quiebrijo _
    quiebrijo _

    because the name is hardcore

  • Shana Wright
    Shana Wright

    The hurt jumper neurologically race because musician echographically harm next a jumbled smoke. optimal, marvelous goose

  • Crow TL
    Crow TL

    Everyone: **survives 1000 days in Minecraft hardcore** Me: *survives 0 days in easy mode*

  • Rhett Mueller
    Rhett Mueller

    It’s not that hard for me

  • Legend iii
    Legend iii

    Simple it’s hard because it’s Hard hence hardcore :D

  • Steven.

    1:54 man what kinda wackass version of mc do i have or are you playing, cuz for me on easy mode creepers usually kill me like half the time, and i swear skeletons hit me always

  • E

    I am taking a poop

  • Arya Venkatesh
    Arya Venkatesh

    he trademaked it so no one one could copy it

  • Arya Venkatesh
    Arya Venkatesh

    dont subscibe to this channel

  • NguyenNgocThao Nguyen
    NguyenNgocThao Nguyen

    The cheap eye connoly appear because america secondarily pass through a uneven pin. guarded, easy pimple

  • Aidan Mitchell
    Aidan Mitchell

    Sooooooooo it’s harder?

  • Zretch

    I’m at 3000 days

  • KariKober

    I don’t have Java Minecraft so I’m safe 🥲😅

  • Ya boi Kat
    Ya boi Kat

    Minecraft hard-core seems fun but I feel like the only proper way to play it is in Vr

  • Amir Sersawi
    Amir Sersawi

    0:32 bedrock players hearing this:hmm taste like disrespect this is just a joke don't take it seriously

  • Ivan Lin
    Ivan Lin

    I can't play hardcore because I'm on bedrock but I can change the settings to hard and turn off natural regeneration and not have to download a mod where it gives my computer a virus

  • Ivan Lin
    Ivan Lin

    Doors are op if you invert them which means make your door the opposite or just place the door from the inside of your house because the game thinks the zombies are trying to open a door

  • Ivan Lin
    Ivan Lin

    Wait.... You get more totems? Oh... I'll switch my difficulty to hard when doing raids then and carry my ender chest with strength 2 that lasts 1:30 and my totems and my instant health 2 potions I will get so many totems only if I die to a creeper oh wait we have shields

  • Ivan Lin
    Ivan Lin

    Hardcore... Invisible Spiders? Wait until you accidentally drop you invis splash potion on an enderman that thing will be hard to see

  • Ivan Lin
    Ivan Lin

    That's why I play normal just need totems from raids I don't care about pillagers and saddles just totems and maybe emeralds

  • Ivan Lin
    Ivan Lin

    Hey look this was... a failed expiremt of a pig? A green guy with no arms? this is tnt without the pig or green guy without hands and explodes, this thing won't existed

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