Playing Halo 3 at 240 Frames Per Second!
In this video, I play Halo 3 on PC at 240 frames per second. It was super smooth and fun!

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  • Travis Clark
    Travis Clark

    wheres the audible sponsor

  • Seanister

    Anyone remember the days when Minecraft was just blowing up and halo was the hot topic. But then people stopped playing 😭

  • quantumations gaming
    quantumations gaming

    More Halo content would be nice, if you could, that'd be great

  • Jotunn

    One word when I see videos like this: CHILDHOOD

  • Pierce0032

    *halo theme intensifies*

  • A M
    A M

    Make more halo

  • Steven Marquez
    Steven Marquez

    I bought an original xbox again just so i can have the nostalgic feeling when i play halo 2

  • Nas Neely
    Nas Neely

    I saw the green suit

  • Sunless yz125
    Sunless yz125

    Luke you should do it on the Xbox 360 to memorise that the servers will be going down in December 2021

  • Ryan Samsonov
    Ryan Samsonov

    The recondite duck obviously spill because apology namely whirl aboard a witty nose. five, wiry haircut

  • The Bandit
    The Bandit

    Wheres the audible trial?

  • George Harrod
    George Harrod

    this man looks like my english teacher 😐

  • Nathan

    How? I have my Halo 3 FPS set to unlimited, but it’s locked at 45/60 FPS? I can’t get it to go up

  • Bryan

    Started watching when all you uploaded was halo , amazing to see how far you’ve come

  • Zeth Ruizo
    Zeth Ruizo

    eyy i play roblox at 15 fps :D

  • Gabriel El Ashkar
    Gabriel El Ashkar

    I need more halo

  • Wil


  • Zachary Kern
    Zachary Kern


  • Miles Hemingway
    Miles Hemingway

    Senko D:

  • Finalmagistrate1223

    Halo is the best

  • Moksha Sharma
    Moksha Sharma

    I literally have never seen a video on this game or played this game, but I like it now cuz of this video 🗿

  • Snapshots

    The fact that you can dual wield maulers scares me

  • Meliodas The Love
    Meliodas The Love

    You’re so good!

  • Office of Naval Intelligence
    Office of Naval Intelligence

    PC specs?

  • GSH1649

    Halo infinite 100 drops when it comes out????

  • Truppe4

    I thought Id love your Minecraft series but f me I love the Halo series even more

  • Isaiah Tadeo
    Isaiah Tadeo

    I like how the human eye can see at 60fps

  • Nathan Bohanan
    Nathan Bohanan

    Yes more halo

  • SKS R3peat_
    SKS R3peat_

    His eyes look dead but his mouth is happy

  • Legend Network
    Legend Network

    Other people: Face Cam Luke: Head Cam

  • RP

    I had a Xbox 360 along time ago and I hade every single Halo this brings back those memories 😭

  • Phoenixy

    Do you play on xbox?

  • SoFGR

    runs at 240fps - uses a controller ...

  • Ethan Hallam
    Ethan Hallam

    i would love to see more halo

  • Yahudah

    I rlly wanna play halo 3 but my pc sucks lol

  • FandD Bricks
    FandD Bricks

    Lets be honest we all miss the halo vids

  • Mark Pierce
    Mark Pierce

    You're wearing a green suit ? Nerd ! Lmao jk pretty cool honestly ... No wonder you're blowing up

  • Sufiama

    I really enjoy you coming back to halo but you can notice the views are much lower, which is really sad to see

  • Paçoquinha

    The final sentence is the one that hurts me the most "See you in six years, when I will make another one"

  • Josh

    You gonna trademark this video too?

  • Waggly Carp
    Waggly Carp

    I would love to see some more Halo 5 tips vids

  • Maple Super Syrup
    Maple Super Syrup

    Games that will never die: Minecraft Halo 3 Call of duty

    • ihatesniperjackals

      @sebastian rodriguez go back to playing fortnite. Halo is a REAL game

    • sebastian rodriguez
      sebastian rodriguez

      Halo and Xbox are shit

    • MDS Noob
      MDS Noob

      Ngl call of duty is going to die soon.

  • aguymyguy

    i love all of your vids luke bur the halo ones are the best in my opinion

  • KROV Raider
    KROV Raider

    More halo plz

  • tekgeekster

    Been working on a project myself lately. Trying to prove that controllers with gyro aiming are viable so I've been using a ps5 controller with KB&M emulation. The results are pretty good so far

  • Volts PC
    Volts PC

    Actually you have over double the resolution and eight times the refresh rate, the original Xbox didn't even output 720 P 30, it was some weird 600 P thing

  • Timothy Tatertot
    Timothy Tatertot


  • Azz Azz
    Azz Azz

    Playing bot lobbies to look good

    • Neo Delta
      Neo Delta

      there are no bots in halo multiplayer

  • Mango

    thats a very cool way to use a green screen

  • TriggerFlix

    Halo 5 plz

  • fatmansmemes

    me watching you play at 240fps in 75fps: hmmm interesting

  • Epicc gamner
    Epicc gamner

    Just realized there is a Tau player in the first match

  • Michael King
    Michael King


  • Ironic Bobcat
    Ironic Bobcat

    literally 8x the frames

  • eriplayck games
    eriplayck games

    Ltn recording at 240 fps RSwill: 60 take it or leave it

  • Anmar Hejazi
    Anmar Hejazi

    Who's just looking at his floating head?

  • Ryan

    The fact that Im watching a guy wearing a green screen play halo is frightening and amazing

  • Xtreme Dew
    Xtreme Dew

    So nice to see Luke play Halo, can't wait to see him do Halo Infinite tips and tricks like he did with Halo 5.

  • CABOOSE27x

    so you wear a green screen cape or poncho infront of a green screen to stream as if you have a floating head ? lol but why XD

  • Computerist Kelp
    Computerist Kelp

    Fortnite noticed I’ve been playing more halo so they gave me an ad

  • Giblit Gaming
    Giblit Gaming

    yes bring back halo

  • Owen Is Cool
    Owen Is Cool

    At 4:53 if you look around the area of the top right corner you can see an “L” made by a wall

  • hailee Peterson
    hailee Peterson

    Carl azuz?

  • Itspop4real

    whys the highground map from halo 3 like the desrt map in bocw?? lol

  • Caleb Souls
    Caleb Souls


  • Jason Kelly
    Jason Kelly

    I love Halo so much. Halo 3 is just the best

  • Doodle_Samurai


  • Jamie Hirayama
    Jamie Hirayama

    Please can you do halo 3 ,💯 drops thank you.

    • Neo Delta
      Neo Delta

      better idea 100 drops on the entire mcc

  • Erik Gerbst
    Erik Gerbst

    Halo intro pls?

  • Loci Nuttall
    Loci Nuttall

    So much better than fortnite

  • Donald Mynes
    Donald Mynes

    I want more Halo plz

  • christopher garrison
    christopher garrison

    All Microsoft gotta do now is make a mcc for gears of war and that would be awesome

  • Abraham Yanes
    Abraham Yanes

    Imagine halo 3 in VR

  • Luri

    He looks like Rayman

  • billy bill
    billy bill

    Never thought I’d watch Edgar Allen Poe play halo 3

  • SergentOdin634

    butt chin

  • Bad Dub
    Bad Dub

    9:18 that kill brought you back 13 years lol

  • Jaimini Norath
    Jaimini Norath

    I had no idea how much i would enjoy watching a guy play Halo 3 in a green suit sitting in front of a green screen.

  • CaptainComicSans

    The beginning was like Brain Age

  • King Qasmoke
    King Qasmoke

    a floating head

  • Eric Shun
    Eric Shun

    Dude you're 25? You look like you're 40.

  • Bainmayn

    i actualy love halo and you playing the game its pretty fun to watch

  • Carson Wheat
    Carson Wheat

    down below

    • Carson Wheat
      Carson Wheat


  • cinamick

    UH OH :0 2:25

  • dent lolibop
    dent lolibop

    im just glad he did the thing i subbed here for over 3 years ago. still wish there was more halo videos. the Can you Beat series was great. hope you do more sometime =)

  • microfg4

    *240 FPS* and *CONTROLLER* do not go together in any game other than Rocket League... Like, what a waste!

    • Neo Delta
      Neo Delta

      in halo you need good accuracy and since luke is used to playing halo with a controller it makes sense why he would do that

  • Eg Head
    Eg Head


  • Youre Dumb
    Youre Dumb

    240 frames calm down jemale dont pull out the nine.

  • SethV.

    only 240?

  • travis scott
    travis scott

    Idubz I’m gay ltn I must honor his legacy

  • Robert Rinne
    Robert Rinne

    I play halo against my dad and I always talk and win

  • Noble Six
    Noble Six

    really diggin this video with floating Head of the Notable moving around.

  • The Spartan
    The Spartan

    LTN the map you played on at 8:10 was a remake of the map Chill out from Halo Combat Evolved

  • KodredCud


  • Eddie Garcia
    Eddie Garcia

    Halo is the best. Halos muscles are the best. Halos moves are the best.

  • Anarchy

    While he is playing in 240 fps and we're watching in 30 fps and 144p

  • vbxl


  • Luke Crowley
    Luke Crowley


  • iamalwaysthere

    Miss the luke the notable halo videos. This was great

  • Yotube gaming
    Yotube gaming

    Good thing is to see you Bad thing you are invisible

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