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  • Luke TheNotable
    Luke TheNotable

    If you want to check out Biped make sure to click this link! Thanks for watching!! #sponsored

    • jjhooch

      @James Hart I am a fan of Luke and tors

    • jjhooch

      I am

    • Rat_Fox13

      Please do the pro levels

    • Lukea Duke
      Lukea Duke

      Make 200 days in Minecraft

    • Blake

      Can you plz make more of these

  • Alergria Papel
    Alergria Papel

    I love how chill this video is i would honestly love to see more of just chill game play and the game was so aesthetic

  • Patrick Lutz
    Patrick Lutz

    Do pro levels

  • iraliuchang


  • kade

    Pls i just want what luke and tors have-

  • Uni Gaming
    Uni Gaming

    Lol Luke the ballerina

  • caden woody
    caden woody

    cool ltn is the best youtuber ever and the tors

  • Omn Brown
    Omn Brown

    he sounds so calm tho

  • TheRealSisTLM

    Just realized he and Tors look like there doing taekwondo.

  • Speedypatt

    Do we just bonk? -Luke TheNotable

  • Valer

    This made them more happy to m I righy

  • Dexter Riecken Sigerson
    Dexter Riecken Sigerson

    You guys should play it takes two

  • Dream was taken
    Dream was taken


  • galning 27
    galning 27

    You and tors should try phogs it’s also a couch co-op game but in phogs you play as a two headed dog snake that can extend and each player controls one head.

  • Rhys Pritchard
    Rhys Pritchard

    I love these types of videos there’re so cute to watch

  • Byron Finos
    Byron Finos

    I literlly am gonna play Biped

  • Saba Haddad
    Saba Haddad

    Pro levels do the pro levels

  • Bethany McCombe
    Bethany McCombe

    "This game will test relationships" ... "Get away from me! I've got a barrel!"

  • what is cheese?
    what is cheese?

    Luke has a normal voice too?

  • Milky Eagle
    Milky Eagle

    today i leanred one thing he has a wife

  • Alex Romero
    Alex Romero

    Pro levels plz bro well l like yours videos


    do the pro levels

  • Sidney Browne
    Sidney Browne

    will tors get her own channel?



  • Rianne Jane Labrador
    Rianne Jane Labrador

    Ack the 2 feet thing it looked like you guys were dancing together

  • Isabel Loar
    Isabel Loar


  • Team Walkers Norway
    Team Walkers Norway


  • Mahir Kaplani
    Mahir Kaplani

    torpedos be like: 6:10

  • Ariobaldiminecraftfnfradman Games
    Ariobaldiminecraftfnfradman Games

    green green tea green green tea green red green tea green beans tea green green tea 🍵 green tea green

  • joel bruneau
    joel bruneau

    i did not fink this would be interesting to watch but it was

  • gulia

    7:00 so tors what ya... what ya doin there

  • The Scoundrels
    The Scoundrels

    More luke and tors game night!

  • Theresa Bennett
    Theresa Bennett

    The spotless astronomy muhly scold because freckle yearly cure afore a troubled processing. fortunate, forgetful ankle

  • Tanner Austin
    Tanner Austin

    what happened to game night?

  • Riffat Shahzad
    Riffat Shahzad

    Woh more plays r ni The gaming

  • Carina Feng
    Carina Feng

    Maybe you could try the game Overcooked. It's the game that breaks relationships and makes people yell at eachother.

  • TofuDaTurtle


  • TofuDaTurtle

    "Very rarely do we end up enemies in the end" _Go ahead, play uno, _*_i dare you two to play it_*

  • TeamFortressNoob 747
    TeamFortressNoob 747

    pls play Bugsnax! i will like and sub every vid if u do (even tho im subbed)

  • Jessica Ramirez
    Jessica Ramirez

    Yes please

  • fudgepantz

    Can you make a video with tors playlist on the channel

  • Doogeth

    I would love to see more of this

  • phineas and ferb fan
    phineas and ferb fan

    Like notskywalker I am your father

    • phineas and ferb fan
      phineas and ferb fan


  • Eileen Randles
    Eileen Randles

    I just got biped


      What if you biped you have to buy two bipes and finish the game hot fire baby thats all i know

  • Sebastian Ignacio
    Sebastian Ignacio

    I have someone in my class named Luke

  • VTT Eclipse
    VTT Eclipse

    I hate how any video that isn’t a 100 type video doesn’t get as much views as I 100 type video

  • Zian Antony
    Zian Antony

    More with the tors pls


      Shes not a E gamer So she can't play with him That much

  • PharaohN 987
    PharaohN 987

    this video just proves that Luke and Tors are one of the cutest couples on RSwill

  • Basement Gamer
    Basement Gamer


  • • Bonnet •
    • Bonnet •

    And you play Minecraft now you play this game that I forgot it’s Nama Yeah you heard me Minecraft

  • Mariah Spink
    Mariah Spink

    Me and my brother are TOTALLY gonna play this :o

  • John Walsh
    John Walsh

    onec I wach this I waced evey one he pased

  • Marija Kame
    Marija Kame

    Can you make more minecraft videos with tors??

  • John Fiala
    John Fiala

    It’s pronounced by-ped but I thought it was bipped lol

  • duck man
    duck man

    Your cool

  • Foxy The pirate
    Foxy The pirate

    Here's a tip don't do fast forwarding

  • Zain Shah
    Zain Shah

    plzzzzz do more tors 200 days

  • Ninja_Monkey_2_8 ___
    Ninja_Monkey_2_8 ___

    I love watching you play games together

  • SomeoneOnion

    Wait, Space Pod "Onion"?

  • Made Up
    Made Up

    9:31. Is it just me or did Tors call Luke Matt.

  • Groundmonkez

    What if you don’t own a couch

  • Theblockbusterguy

    Do this again please

  • Fantom Was taken
    Fantom Was taken

    4:35 lololol 69 coins?!?!?!

  • Erich Esguerra
    Erich Esguerra


  • Denugs 124
    Denugs 124

    that moment when you ask your wife "what are we?" and she replies with "were just robots."

  • Mariah Fencl
    Mariah Fencl

    Pls make 200 days with tors

  • Lord OfBaltic
    Lord OfBaltic

    When will 200 days with tors be uploted?

  • Robert Margasoiu
    Robert Margasoiu

    Is exist the Pc version?

  • Kwame Charles
    Kwame Charles


  • Kwame Charles
    Kwame Charles


  • TheZuccLord -
    TheZuccLord -

    Just realised like wrote the mini gun manual before getting laid, this man is a mad lad

  • Marco Figueroa
    Marco Figueroa

    200 days Luke!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Soggy Pickle
    Soggy Pickle


  • The Duck
    The Duck

    Tors: helps Luke carefully get up to the switch Luke: forcefully slams a stone pillar and launches Tors

  • Zacheus Yt
    Zacheus Yt

    I ever play this when i was my in my cousin’s house

  • superflashboy videos
    superflashboy videos

    When are you gonna do 200 days with tors in Minecraft and when are gonna do 2000 days in Minecraft hardcore

  • Tanner Smith
    Tanner Smith

    those dislikes were accidental this is not what i think i know that i am right not even satans pet pit bull with three heads and all of them have a thirst for others pain would not dislike this video

  • Dan H
    Dan H

    Not even Biped can break this relationship. They really are the most notable couple.

  • Arielle Sherman
    Arielle Sherman

    pro level

  • Merritt Moore
    Merritt Moore

    My mom said if I have a good report card then for Christmas she might get me a Nintendo switch and also let me get Biped

  • Alaiyna dadabhay Yt
    Alaiyna dadabhay Yt


  • Tate Basinger
    Tate Basinger

    Dose tors have a Chanel

  • Alex Gordo
    Alex Gordo

    Anyone here him call tors Izzy st 2:03

  • Jackie Wood
    Jackie Wood

    great channel

  • Gavin and Liam
    Gavin and Liam

    I know luke is a name

  • Gavin and Liam
    Gavin and Liam

    is her name is tors in real life?😁

  • David Tal
    David Tal

    @Luke is there a playlist where you coop games with Tors? ive seen two of them, and ive very much enjoyed those. would love to see more such.

  • Jose Oyola
    Jose Oyola

    yes i want to see more plz

  • animegamer43

    i droped 100 times in Biped

    • animegamer43

      make this a video by likeing

  • Dr.FROGMEN 69
    Dr.FROGMEN 69

    If only I had money:(

  • Troy Lakin
    Troy Lakin

    luke you shode play ark a 50 bucks game

  • Battykrocks

    Luke playing this game with his child

  • Mike Escobar
    Mike Escobar

    the little bots that thay are coltroling look sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  • Living Meme
    Living Meme

    LTN and TTN

  • Sadness Combat Grunt Gaming
    Sadness Combat Grunt Gaming

    This is Pure.

  • Filthy Weeb
    Filthy Weeb

    i wanna see them play "lovers in a dangerous spacetime"

  • Dream Playz1
    Dream Playz1

    your soo funny luke and tors is even more meme lol

  • Fox Boi
    Fox Boi

    Portal with tors? 1 or 2

  • Hikey711

    play overcooked

  • Anime Boy
    Anime Boy

    4:12 *Anime Betrayal.*