2000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft World Tour]
Download link below (Java ONLY) (Bedrock link in progress)
(If you can't download today come back tomorrow the bandwidth resets daily)
(Each link has a different bandwidth reset so try them all)
(I will be adding links as fast as I can for even more downloads!)
1 - www.dropbox.com/s/577hyf7y892...
2 - www.dropbox.com/s/301rq38hhm1...
3 - www.dropbox.com/s/wbqjpe514lv...
4 (Google Drive) - drive.google.com/file/d/10rxn...
5 (Mediafire) - www.mediafire.com/file/6ry7of...
6(Mediafire) - www.mediafire.com/file/rvet6u...

SEED - 4351894313394332808

Follow me on Twitter!! - twitter.com/LukeTheNotable

Thumbnail Art - Maeder (Commissions OPEN)

  • Luke TheNotable
    Luke TheNotable

    You may have heard the news that I was trademarking 100 Days. I am abandoning this trademark. There will be no restrictions on any 100 Days/Drops content for anyone. Please continue creating. My emotions got in the way of what should have been a friendly share of content. Please continue to create 100 Days content. I love watching the fans put so much love into videos that inspire them and with this trademark we all could have lost that forever. I lost sight of what is important in content creation, which is something I won't do again. I was worried about getting credit for the content that I had produced instead of lifting up those that were inspired by me. When you put something on the internet it may be used by someone else. This caused me stress and anxiety when it should have been a source of inspiration. It is very easy to trademark something like this and I was scared someone might try to do the same to me, taking away the series I love to create. But my actions almost took away the series for everyone else and I'm sorry for that. It won't happen again. I hope you will still allow me to post 100 Days. I have been working on one for some time now and I think it'll make a great addition to the 100 Days family which we can all be a part of. Careers have been created here and I am sorry that my actions almost ruined that. Going forward im going to try my best to earn back the trust of the community. I will do my best to lift up my fellow 100 Days creators and defend our right to create. I am with you, not just for 100 Days but for 10000000.

    • michaelclarkemtp

      Roberto rodriguez shut up

    • drurvashi panchal
      drurvashi panchal

      Thx ltn

    • DatRude Sandstorm
      DatRude Sandstorm

      O O O

    • DatRude Sandstorm
      DatRude Sandstorm

      O O O

    • anti god
      anti god

      Please do 3000 days

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama

    Ltn when build limit height is increased and he can add more levels to his house: that will be a 3000 day project

  • Daniel Atkinson
    Daniel Atkinson

    Bag check! Bag check for Luke's eyes!

  • AlexPlayzRblx

    Ah yes, since dolphin failed me, I kill him : Luke thenotable

  • NotLionelYT


  • iamspit

    Holy his eyes look like they need a break


    it would be rlly cool if you made your whole base an island. it would take a ton of work but it would be really cool. just a suggestion 😊

  • Ohaxolotl

    You can tell he is a gamer Bc of how long his hair is

  • приввет приветова
    приввет приветова

    Do 3k plssss

  • Lavinie Ledain
    Lavinie Ledain

    The eatable ox willy pick because cycle unpredictably compare down a unwritten cereal. pale, defeated twine

  • Ethan Anderson
    Ethan Anderson

    Luke you should do a gaming tour

  • Mostly_Rylan

    Add pocket edition

  • DKFminty

    Luke is the one person I know of that can make a emerald house look good lmao

  • Cassius Degolyer
    Cassius Degolyer

    I’m starting to think Luke died in the process of creating the 3000 days video… anyone else think so?

    • Minecrafter 555
      Minecrafter 555

      @TruMiner Yea

    • TruMiner

      No he is waiting for 1.18 I think

    • Floyd Garren Salazar
      Floyd Garren Salazar


  • Your daily bad clips dude
    Your daily bad clips dude

    He has more emeralds than how much money Elon musk has


    I like the dripping on the ceiling

  • Tanner Austin
    Tanner Austin

    "bedrock link in progress" it was like 5 months ago, i'm never playing this world am i?

    • 행복한

      Guess u aren’t

  • Kvon Parnell
    Kvon Parnell

    What is your seed

    • Blaze Plays
      Blaze Plays

      it’s in the description, it’s java only, he’s trying his best to make a bedrock port for his bedrock fans

    • Cassius Degolyer
      Cassius Degolyer

      It should be in the 100 days vid or Tour vid

  • Caroline Pence
    Caroline Pence

    Ender men stole the missing blocks LTN seriously their the only mob that can pick up blocks and I’m pretty sure you filled in the entire roof

  • Adren Espino
    Adren Espino

    Did you know that the equivalent time in the real world is two freaking weeks of only Minecraft time he has serious dedication.

  • Tanner Austin
    Tanner Austin

    when 1 pod of luke's storage is the size of your entire storage room

  • Roar Yes
    Roar Yes

    I KNOW HOW TO CHANGE THE FLOOR use a piston push the emerald in and andesite out I don’t think the creepers will drop or die

  • Oliver Drake
    Oliver Drake


  • Flareonlxc

    Why is it only a head

  • Samuel Yoder
    Samuel Yoder

    Who would win? Technoblade who the pvp master who Neva Dies Or LukeTheNotable who is probably more immortal than technoblade but has more survival skills than combat skills Im genuinely curious

    • cookie monster
      cookie monster

      *never Sorry i had to


      @Samyak Rana hes no match for techno,see his mcc monday,hes not easy to die

    • Samyak Rana
      Samyak Rana

      Luke will win inside his compound even god cannot defeat him


      Techno ❤️

  • Kshitiz Plays
    Kshitiz Plays

    3 mil? HAH PATHETIC ! You are close to 4 mil luke

    • Kshitiz Plays
      Kshitiz Plays

      @21Leo_ธีรภัทร It's just a joke didr calm down

    • 21Leo_ธีรภัทร

      It pass long time

  • Juliana Tryba
    Juliana Tryba

    Luke: people who tell you not to build with emerald are just poor. Grian: let me just introduce myself..

  • Chase Graham
    Chase Graham

    Please do 3000 days I have been waiting for months

    • Samyak Rana
      Samyak Rana

      Me too

    • zain


  • Sushi


  • Samurai

    @Luke TheNotable I fixed your mob farm, remove the torches and fill in the holes to fix it.

  • noob

    when 5000 days

    • •SleepyEevee•

      +3000 more days will take forever he might do 3000 before that so wait

  • Joel Abriam
    Joel Abriam

    Luke can you do 3000 days (no one copy my comment)

    • Joel Abriam
      Joel Abriam


    • rishano chhanai
      rishano chhanai

      dude u stole this comment bruh and everyone does the same comment its not like u made the comment u took it from someone

    • Quanツ

      Are yhu slow?

  • CRAZY KIDS!!!!
    CRAZY KIDS!!!!

    How long is it going to take to you get the Bedrock link done

  • CRAZY KIDS!!!!
    CRAZY KIDS!!!!

    I want this Minecraft world so bad

  • United Axolotl Empire
    United Axolotl Empire

    quite a notable world indeed.

  • AX1o1o1! DA BOSS
    AX1o1o1! DA BOSS

    @luke theNotable hello luke! your my favorite minecraft youtuber, if you reply to this comment i will be so happy because its my birthday on the 26th of july, please wish me a happy birthday :) oh and please never stop uploading, all haters can go #### themselves!

    • rishano chhanai
      rishano chhanai

      this isnt roblox btw and let haters hate im not a hater i love luke but ur mean to haters!

    • •SleepyEevee•

      You have the same birthday as my brother who was adopted out! :)

  • Khan Maykr
    Khan Maykr


  • P Ccc
    P Ccc

    37:57 luke is a villager confirmed?

  • Sans The Skeleton YT
    Sans The Skeleton YT

    He just does do 3000 days-.-

  • waluigi

    dang guess we didn't get a stampy's lovely garden in your world :(

  • lois /lexx
    lois /lexx

    on your twitter it says you are on day 2001 are you or in the middle of 3000 days ?

    • TGY_Bear

      He’s waiting for the full caves and cliffs update before he starts 3,000 days

  • Cringe check09
    Cringe check09

    I was laughing my head of when he said because they are just poor

  • kims parsins
    kims parsins

    the becan on the top of ure emrald tower can be green

  • A baby piglin
    A baby piglin


  • Aamish Rizvi
    Aamish Rizvi

    Where is 3000 days

    • CRAZY KIDS!!!!
      CRAZY KIDS!!!!

      That's what I'm asking

  • Killer Pink Dangerous Cat
    Killer Pink Dangerous Cat

    Honestly if i ever downloaded this world I would tear down every emerald block and make mega profit

  • Emir

    what are the coords

  • Addison Gibby
    Addison Gibby

    When he said creeped me be like:AW MANNNN

  • Christian Owen
    Christian Owen

    I wish I could have as much joy with my houses looking as simple as these

  • Am Ber
    Am Ber

    If you want to keep the water you can't make the room out of emeralds you would have to use a combination of spruce and dark oak to make it look good. I think.

    • Am Ber
      Am Ber

      @Sjoerd Veltman I know I'm making a suggestion just I wrote it a bit weirdly,

    • Sjoerd Veltman
      Sjoerd Veltman

      Yes he can, it’s not your world

  • JxcK_M567 - Gaming and More
    JxcK_M567 - Gaming and More

    I did not expect him to look like this, not going to lie.

    • JackkiBoi



    I am just worried about this guy because after 1,18 comes we will have to watch more of his emerald tower being built till height limit of 320 and then more shoveling and emerald trading for a 100 days straight 😡😢

  • Christen Wong Toh Hon
    Christen Wong Toh Hon

    When are you going to post 3000 days

  • Kristin Cornell
    Kristin Cornell

    That sounds pretty awesome for your friends and family

  • Erich Bitler
    Erich Bitler

    Where 3k at

  • itzLemonPlayz

    I build with netherite blocks .,.

    • SnowieLillies

      @AliveAndUnwell Lol

    • AliveAndUnwell

      me when i build with netherite blocks

    • SnowieLillies


  • frazzledapplesVR

    bruh just trying to justify all his builds by saying its my land and you can shove it

  • chase evans
    chase evans

    The absurd ease mainly stretch because burn bodily deliver notwithstanding a subsequent cracker. colorful, amazing flavor

    • Sjoerd Veltman
      Sjoerd Veltman

      Did you have a stroke?

  • ThatRandomKid

    It's way too late to download it now, huh?

  • Charlie Cornwell
    Charlie Cornwell

    You could literally stop eating food on your compound and you won’t die

  • Joseph Cain
    Joseph Cain

    Jesus loves whoever reads this :)❤️

    • Stonk Man
      Stonk Man


    • Saltykiwi


  • Olive Consumer
    Olive Consumer

    Are You going to do 4000 days or 10,000 days?

    • papi chul0
      papi chul0

      @Brandon Hemmer yeah but it’s also 666+ hours...

    • Brandon Hemmer
      Brandon Hemmer

      Damn fr? It’s been 6 months

    • PandaDreamTeam

      @Brandon Hemmer Not yet

    • Brandon Hemmer
      Brandon Hemmer

      Is there a 3,000 day one? I can’t find it.

    • Nathan Moore
      Nathan Moore

      I hope 🤞

  • Errorcodepurple

    19:37 I stopped eating the meat about one mincecraft week into the world and went on a graystillplays style *FULL CARBS DIET*

  • Mladen Kujac
    Mladen Kujac


  • Julito Luigi M. Soriano III
    Julito Luigi M. Soriano III

    your hair looks very notable

    • Oliver Francis
      Oliver Francis

      Funny 😆


    Message to LukeTheNotable: 1.18 will make height limit from 256 to 320 so will you expand your tower. It will be 64 blocks taller.

  • Bobby Stevens
    Bobby Stevens

    The low nigeria lastly cross because step-daughter ideally talk before a decisive chain. aloof, verdant flat

  • Katarzyna Rek
    Katarzyna Rek

    that is a lot, but my computer can handle it.

    • High Velocity
      High Velocity

      @You know who I am no need to be a dick

    • You know who I am
      You know who I am

      @Katarzyna Rek ok do we need to hear it or anything?

    • Katarzyna Rek
      Katarzyna Rek

      the download is taking so long

  • Katarzyna Rek
    Katarzyna Rek

    i just know i'm installing 5.08 GB of computer space

    • Dionis

      @You know who I am yeah he's spamming

    • You know who I am
      You know who I am


  • Jay Zhu
    Jay Zhu

    U have like a god face when you talk about the things u created lol

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo

    Your uh… your neck is broken Luke

  • Bec Taddeo
    Bec Taddeo

    The thoughtless mind clinically blind because tiger unfortunately separate but a comfortable plough. joyous, innate architecture

  • Kashedbowl

    I used to have a trapped phantom and named him dinnerbone so he’d look down lol

  • João Antonio Pavan
    João Antonio Pavan

    imagine his wife, seeing at a daily basis a floating notable head

  • August Hoyt
    August Hoyt

    I kinda like the look of the service nether portal shed and the area for the masons

  • A Thompson
    A Thompson

    I am glad you came to your scenes by treating villagers less badly. Even the villager babies, very proud of you.

  • Toony Toons
    Toony Toons

    Day 2020 Intro:"I discovered why my fletchers kept getting infected, maybe next time I should quarantine them

  • Toony Toons
    Toony Toons

    14:30 your throwing shade at Ph1lza without even knowing it

  • Patrick Lindsey
    Patrick Lindsey

    He almost got 4mil

  • Please help me reach 1k for juice wrld
    Please help me reach 1k for juice wrld

    The Party Never Ends

  • Reba Powell
    Reba Powell

    Instead of signs maybe do flowers???

  • john carino
    john carino


  • Cody Brown
    Cody Brown

    Luke the notable you should add a automatic farm for everything in 3000 days

    • RosiePosie

      He dose have one

  • deacan

    Hay I have a idiea ur dad works at MC ask him to add that you could give villiangers weapons and armor PLS🤔👏

    • Lil Memelord
      Lil Memelord

      wtf that’s never gonna happen in minecraft

  • Jole

    You could use a piston to push the andesite away and replace it with emeralds

  • Random Things
    Random Things

    You need to make dolphins have water and let some space where there is no water so you can make them breathe and swim

  • Frakuiscool

    If you make a mushroom cow room make a brown mushroom cow for it

  • Maaz Asad
    Maaz Asad

    I didn't have enough time in 2000 days - Luke 2021

  • Bibhudendu Panda
    Bibhudendu Panda

    Luke looks dleep deprived.......

  • Furious K
    Furious K

    Hey is your house up to sky limit? And what is the Y coordinate? Thanks

    • Woooof

      I know the house goes up to the limit

  • Aiden Sypolt
    Aiden Sypolt

    i had spawn 2 pink sheep. it is 1:642 chance to spawn nn your world

    • EpicOrToNotEpic

      I spawned into a world that had a spruce forest spawning pink sheep constantly. Didn't know if it was extreme luck or just a bug :|

  • Wolf_Attack

    The big dirt plot that you built could be used for a anniversary hall. Yes I gave you an idea. Yes I know it’s your land

  • Official Sega Genesis
    Official Sega Genesis

    I dislike the floating head aesthetic. Good vid tho!

  • deacan

    More!!!!!! You are my favourite mc RSwillr god bless hope you blow up on yt (not In ur hardcore wrld)✌😂😝

  • SupremeVoid

    I guarantee that hes going to die by jumping off his space elevator and forgetting to put in his elytra

    • Canadian Bacon
      Canadian Bacon

      It's fine if he has a totem

    • pen_g_win

      “I was fine, I have like a *thousand* totems.” LTN the epicest RSwillr to ever exist ever

  • H20 R1ze
    H20 R1ze

    i leave youtube going at night and this is what i wake up to every morning

  • Penguin Pros
    Penguin Pros

    Your green screen is horrible or you wearing a head set with a green wire

    • EpicOrToNotEpic


    • zombiegunner 3arc
      zombiegunner 3arc


    • 𝗦𝗽𝗼𝗼𝗻


    • Satriyo Wibisono
      Satriyo Wibisono


  • Jennifer Gulino
    Jennifer Gulino


  • Jennifer Gulino
    Jennifer Gulino

    will you do 3000 days

    • Nicklas09 30
      Nicklas09 30

      he will

  • Avaritix

    I downloaded the world its amazing

    • Avaritix

      @Vitou Chrek the world is coming to bedrock and i think you may be able to download it on playstation somehow anyways if you have a bad pc you just need 10 gigabytes cause the download is 5 gigabytes and your pc wont work with less then 5 so you need a few gigabytes

    • Vitou Chrek
      Vitou Chrek

      Too bad I don’t have Java and good PC

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Has do 1$ - Varijanta 22
114 хиљ.