100 Drops - [The Grotto]

Welcome to The Grotto 100 Drops. There's going to be a ton of minigunning in this video so hold on to your slurp juice. Enjoy!

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  • Luke TheNotable
    Luke TheNotable

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    • Adaminatorz

      Dropping Craggy Cliffs 20 times :)

    • The Baby Yoda
      The Baby Yoda

      Luke Skywalker

    • dylan d
      dylan d

      Yes yes I did

    • Natalie Galvin
      Natalie Galvin

      Don't call peely dumb

    • Lil fire Idk
      Lil fire Idk


  • Green Light GO
    Green Light GO

    I never dropped here ever yet it was marked on the map you Dumbo

  • ThunderLK Playz
    ThunderLK Playz

    Luke the No Table

  • Parth Amte
    Parth Amte

    Shut up

  • Bug

    Take a shot every time he says mini gun

  • Pls make a vid about s7

  • POG 420 69 Funny Number
    POG 420 69 Funny Number

    Luke the notable: wants chug jugs and mini guns Fortnite: CHOOSE ONE AND ONLY 1

  • TacticalDuckie

    Is it just me that doesn’t remeber there being red and white bots at the grotto?

  • The Cringe God Valkyrie
    The Cringe God Valkyrie

    HOOO I WAS 100,000TH LIKE

  • Dremxify

    I’m watching this cuz I miss this season.

  • Nick Hurst
    Nick Hurst

    Hail the mini gun order

  • Marc Cornett
    Marc Cornett

    My mom heard that mom joke "he's a computer so he's dumb like your mom"!!!!!!!!! I got in so much trouble 😭

  • Sam -Y
    Sam -Y

    For Brutus they just thought “What if minigun… WAS A SKIN?”

  • Adam Vidary
    Adam Vidary

    When she was alive

  • Adam Vidary
    Adam Vidary

    My mom is top of her school

  • Cooper Ellis
    Cooper Ellis

    12:39 put it on 0.25 and look at user name it is Pepega

  • Lucas Harrison
    Lucas Harrison


  • Xx-Andrew-xX

    LTN “ Tors even fainted cause her man was about to pul off a ten kill win” Me getting a twenty bomb doing mythic only on an iPhone 7+

  • Red Penguin5
    Red Penguin5

    I miss the grotto 😪

  • Eli Goldenberg
    Eli Goldenberg

    Did anyone else see in game 26 the person was at 5.5 health😳

  • ItzLlamaRambaTime

    and ppl say luke doesnt play fortnite

  • Janiek26 Yolo
    Janiek26 Yolo

    Nooooo you can’t just spam minigun!!! Haha minigun go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

  • Abiel Rojas
    Abiel Rojas

    My favorite poi ever is the grotto

  • RF gaming
    RF gaming

    I mean I love a marriage when the husband can carry the wife in games but when both of them of not too good it’s amazing

  • Christina M
    Christina M


  • Julia Cornella
    Julia Cornella

    wait he did quit fortnite for minecraft..

  • Koni GamingGR
    Koni GamingGR

    8:48 how was that guy 5 .5 hp?

  • Ellis Kearney
    Ellis Kearney


  • Cool cat owner
    Cool cat owner

    My mum: WHAT YOU SAY TO ME!!!???

  • Nimu_10


    • Nimu_10

      I’m upset

  • Kaan Secilmis
    Kaan Secilmis

    The invincible sociology ostensibly consider because intestine annually afford down a frequent christmas. sweet, ludicrous butter

  • rick0933

    It wascvalted cuz it was too op

  • Joshua Rolle
    Joshua Rolle


  • Lavínia Sousa
    Lavínia Sousa

    * God's grace * Did you know that God loves you so much that he sent Jesus to save us? Jesus is the son of God! And he loves you very much! To have proof of this, we can say that he emptied himself of all his glory and stepped on the earth! Isn't that wonderful? And there's more! He assured us of salvation! He fulfilled the mission that God gave him! Which is to have a death on the cross for all people in the world! * How do I get to heaven? * It's very simple! -Accept Jesus as your Lord and only Savior! - Repent of your sins daily even those you don't know because you sinned out of ignorance! -Recognize that you do not deserve God's salvation but even with your faults He wanted to save you with his great love and grace! Now about keeping your faith -Read the Bible daily -Pray and fast -Go to a church that follows the word of God May God bless you greatly! 👋

    • Z.O.M.G

      don't tell people what to belive in unless what they belive in is wrong



  • Ian Brown
    Ian Brown

    papanomaly would be proud :,)

  • Andras Karman
    Andras Karman

    Best 100 drops btw

  • Offended_Goose

    Game 19: “your never alone on the grotto” Game 20: “I was alone in the grotto”

  • star rush
    star rush

    11:26 what was that

  • DannyGaming


  • The stop motion Kids
    The stop motion Kids

    “That fortnite copied for apex legends” I lost brain cells hearing that

  • Jeffrey Jiang
    Jeffrey Jiang


  • Braydon Lesure stroll
    Braydon Lesure stroll

    I was a retard during season 2 because i thought that there was only midas, and come around season 3 i realised the truth... Now i am almost a pro and has maxed out almost al the battle pass...(damn you season 2)

  • Jordan Ramirez
    Jordan Ramirez

    in game 16 that was me who killed bodie boy omg

  • AxolotlLover

    He should make a book called the mini gun manual.

  • dog boi
    dog boi

    Buzsh, buzsh, buzsh, buzsh, buzsh

  • Void


  • Mason brock
    Mason brock

    Luke:Everything was going good until it was going bad!

  • Pickle pickle
    Pickle pickle

    That tree won’t save you from my minygun

  • Juraj Sobol
    Juraj Sobol

    Notice how in game #41 the grotto turned shadow

  • Ethan Denslow-King
    Ethan Denslow-King

    In every video ive watched he always has a " your mum"

  • Diamond

    2:58 WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT MY MOM?!?! lol


    6:09 Ya it's hard af

  • TylerConner Landers
    TylerConner Landers


  • TheGamingChair

    Is anyone here not into fortnite

  • Alexander Padilla
    Alexander Padilla

    rockets,minygun,and a heli and your a apache 127 attack helicopter

  • Eli Barnes
    Eli Barnes

    Did anyone else hear him say on game 82 that he was feeling pretty fresh while he was using fresh's skin

  • skeleton toons
    skeleton toons

    Hey luke can we play a few games together I really like your content

  • erikbarrett85

    Man I miss the grotto I almost always landed there

  • Tyler Cohen
    Tyler Cohen

    i get 14 kill wins your bot 1v1 me

  • Jake Harrison
    Jake Harrison

    Luke what's the mini gun manual

  • YTP Central
    YTP Central

    “Violence and brute force is always the answer” That’s from 200 days in minecraft hardcore btw

  • SharkIt1475

    Luke: mini gun go brrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • bobjoy265

    Bring grotto back

  • Panayiotis Markos
    Panayiotis Markos

    At the end of game 27 u hit the wall before falling to the ground U should not have die,wtf

  • Dboggz3

    Watching this for nostalgia, the grotto was my favorite place 😢

  • kix land
    kix land

    The direful jennifer gratifyingly rhyme because address contrastingly launch worth a knowledgeable parentheses. wrathful, sophisticated change

  • Roblox Kryro_YT
    Roblox Kryro_YT

    MOM NOT DUMB!!!!!

  • Zygnomic

    Luke should play tf2 as the heavy he has like 10 miniguns

  • hello here999 boone
    hello here999 boone

    im sad this is so cool i miss the grotto

  • Being afk be like
    Being afk be like

    anyone here in 3012 bro the iphone 1269 is sick

  • Nicholas Brown Karageorge
    Nicholas Brown Karageorge

    Luke wheres the baby yoda and spire assasin in one day, I live off of your hardcore, 100 drops, and tier 100 in a day

  • Mikkel Breiler
    Mikkel Breiler

    26:40 That was a noob mistake - You don't wait until the last second to eat a flopper for 40hp. Once you are at 60hp start eating it - or you will risk throwing the game due to timing and you will have no hp to defend yourself against someone who just ate 3 floppers and want to kill you in the final heal off if he finds out where you are hiding.

  • YTTP TeaParty
    YTTP TeaParty

    R.I.P Grotto I will now mourn your watery grave

  • Possessed Penguin82
    Possessed Penguin82

    Officially the best joke ever by LTN (in fortnite) 23:40

  • johnny dane
    johnny dane

    The swanky dinosaur regrettably unlock because refund individually allow excluding a goofy climb. spotted, pointless wednesday

  • GamerTagJack

    As Luke’s lawyer, the person behind him murdered him.

  • Skinnyboi123

    "With 4 health" okay then

  • Alekss Cekuls
    Alekss Cekuls

    Lukes mum is a dumb fuuuuuu

  • Brittany Perchetti
    Brittany Perchetti

    remember to fear the mine gun

  • Aiden Newman
    Aiden Newman

    Take me out to the Ball game take me to the game find me some crackers and some cracker jacks I don’t care if we never come back 1 to 3 strikes out

  • Andrew Decker
    Andrew Decker

    Leave if you have a weak stomach me who is called the mini gun cat because I use mescules

  • Ikon Clan
    Ikon Clan

    This was uploaded on my birthday last year

  • عبد الإله التويجري
    عبد الإله التويجري


  • Drew Hellkns
    Drew Hellkns

    Anyone else notice he got sniped while gliding

  • Ya foot
    Ya foot

    Love all your video

  • Snappeerr FN
    Snappeerr FN

    fun fact: today is the 1 year anniversary of this video😥

  • Uno Reverse Card
    Uno Reverse Card

    Luke TheNotableMinigunManiac

  • Jennifer Miller
    Jennifer Miller

    2:58 SWAG

  • Shadow

    What going on .......fans My name LTN

  • Carter Pyle
    Carter Pyle

    WHAT I actually killed luck the notable

  • Izix

    I miss the groto lel

  • Stop motion Midas
    Stop motion Midas

    I shot LTN in game 32 while he was dropping in

  • Vladimir URSE
    Vladimir URSE

    100 drops collossal crops


    When ever he said that Brutus killed him I said “brutality”

  • HX3_EnFr Hdel
    HX3_EnFr Hdel

    I hope Fortnite comes back on ios and that epic games wins the law suit against apple


    The spectacular cornet temporarily play because hygienic usually double outside a zonked chord. flippant, lying motorboat

  • Mememaster

    "DON'T TOUCH MY GUN" - Luke TheNotable

  • G altra DRAGON
    G altra DRAGON

    I’m just bing watching his vids but Nice hair got the corinteen cut -Luke Thenotable

  • Labyrinth X
    Labyrinth X

    8:55 “This is what my *CORN* sees six hours after I eat it.” Wow, could not an end said it better