100 Drops - [Spellbreak]
Spellbreak is cross-platform, cross-play, and cross-progression and is free to play on Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch! Check it out: www.inflcr.co/SH6tf

Thumbnail Art - Maeder (Commissions OPEN)

0:00 - Intro
0:55 Game 0 - 5
3:15 Game 1 - 20 (Dominion 20 Drops)
8:17 Game 6 - 10
9:26 Game 11 - 20
11:35 Game 21 - 30
13:29 Game 31 - 40
15:15 Game 41 - 50
16:59 Game 51 - 60
19:11 Game 61 - 70
22:02 Game 71 - 80
24:08 Game 81 - 90
26:34 Game 91 - 100
29:20 Outro

  • Grillo Sama
    Grillo Sama

    Lets get that 200 drops. Its the notable thing to do

  • Toms Antanavics
    Toms Antanavics

    Wait did he say "Whats going on SnowBreaj fans"

  • LOLMAX51

    luke: trying to make the dominion 20 drops a surprise me: who looks at the chapters "i am four parallel universes ahead of you"

  • Aubrynobi

    When the video and game are both horribly underrated

  • Ninja9

    i really want to play it now

  • Levi Payne
    Levi Payne

    This is a true gamer he don’t discriminate a game like fortnite even if people do

  • Gothic WolfHD
    Gothic WolfHD

    Can u do 200?

  • Alex Playz
    Alex Playz

    For the next 100drops could you do 100 Fortnite Lazy Lake?

  • James Cords
    James Cords

    Do 200 drops pls!

  • Kadin Reimers
    Kadin Reimers

    I think it's funny how he got more wins in a game he just started then when he went to wailing woods a location in a game he's been playing for months

  • Bharati Mandal
    Bharati Mandal

    Can you play on mobile

  • #Omega gamer
    #Omega gamer


  • SushiRoll

    theres no way you played 100 rounds i cant find 1

  • Cooper Strbik
    Cooper Strbik

    Play 200 days

  • Lucian Stirbu
    Lucian Stirbu

    MAN they paided him good you can hear him say tis game is awesome more than 20 times

  • WasabiDragon

    “Magical multiplayer experience” he mused

  • jacknx


  • WasabiDragon

    For all who wish to obtain the gildes talent, choose wind, and head to the top right of the map. Pick up a fire gauntlet, and complete the shrine. Then destroy

  • WasabiDragon

    Fire goes well with Stone, Wind and Toxic

  • Ponzoe

    Would’ve been good if it came out during battle Royale prime lol

  • WasabiDragon

    You seemed like you enjoyed it! Good for you

  • WasabiDragon


  • Hamper Man
    Hamper Man

    This is a 30 minute add and it works I'm getting spellbreak

  • Coffee House
    Coffee House

    Morrrrreeeeee plz

  • ClockWork

    watching this just reminded me of old spellbreak sessions with a friend. didn't help that like used the exact same loadout of toxic lightning. Frost fire combo added on is godly

  • Calvin Bowman
    Calvin Bowman

    Give us another 100 drops Luke! I really love this game and I want it to live long and prosper. It could definitely use a bigger playerbase.

  • L Jordan
    L Jordan

    Hey I know you probably wont see this but could you do apex legends next?

  • Thijs Windhorst
    Thijs Windhorst

    Its just fortnite and zelda or so

    • Thijs Windhorst
      Thijs Windhorst


    • Thijs Windhorst
      Thijs Windhorst

      Wtf am i typinf

  • Thijs Windhorst
    Thijs Windhorst

    3:16🤣😂😂😂😂 3:15😂🤣😂😂🤣

  • JANK 22
    JANK 22

    I got spell-break the hour it got released

  • Xatalyst

    i think i should download the game

  • AND-

    Can you do 100 drops in slurpy swamps?

  • Gerd Uuetoa
    Gerd Uuetoa


  • James Christensen
    James Christensen

    Do 100 drops in apex

  • Harry Abercrombie
    Harry Abercrombie

    Rock strong, hit good, win game aha

  • Bird_Caller

    alternate title: 100 Drops - [Bogmore]

  • Luvstrucklol

    My favorite of your videos I know you won't do this again since you don't have over a mil views in it but I would love to see another one

  • someone who likes animations
    someone who likes animations

    Hit guy with rock is how to commit murder when we didn't have lots to work with like 1BBC or whenever we became real

  • WaterDog24

    Yeah download spell break an amazing game

  • lAsEr- hybird
    lAsEr- hybird

    Ice needs to be primary

  • Zabulo

    i'd love to see you make a video with civilization 6!

  • TheMasked19

    I have a story with this game, it’s fun tho

  • chin crimson
    chin crimson

    LTN when he have 2 gauntlets: IT'S GOOD COMBO

  • Johnny L1
    Johnny L1

    Just so that you guys understand: The first match is only bots, the following still include many.

  • epœy

    Every spell is potrayted by Aang the last Airbender

  • Michelle Smith
    Michelle Smith

    the game is cool

  • KYHA Red 1 2018
    KYHA Red 1 2018

    did everyone sub :) hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Dravixus Fraxius
    Dravixus Fraxius

    My favorite combo is toxic in main hand and fire in the second

  • Beccaria Stefano
    Beccaria Stefano

    Great game, but it's fricking dead. Every game takes like 10+ mins to find :(

  • duskgolf


  • King Zimbabway
    King Zimbabway

    I just wish this game had a lot of players and popularity cuz I love it!

  • AsheyDashy

    Can you do more spell break videos

  • Rdog

    Hey ice pirme gives you ice path which speed

  • Lucian Stirbu
    Lucian Stirbu

    Luke did u see the 2021 E3 ,halo infinite coming soon!!

  • Trixie Bigby
    Trixie Bigby

    # toxic lighting gang

  • Mega Rayquaza
    Mega Rayquaza

    Love how this video has the least views compared to his Minecraft videos lmfao

  • vince andrei bonto
    vince andrei bonto

    genshin impact 100 days

  • Colton Englebright
    Colton Englebright

    do 100 drops bogmore

  • Saif Mohamed
    Saif Mohamed

    when you first said toxic i thought you were being toxic

  • Chris Afton
    Chris Afton


  • Yung Abortion
    Yung Abortion

    “I really didn’t know what to expect from my first 100 drops” you mean except the that sweet sweet paycheck

  • Duelfueled

    Yeah you dont have to sell me a fortnite with magic its already downloading

  • SuperzockerTV YT
    SuperzockerTV YT

    200 days pls

  • Victorious Plays
    Victorious Plays

    Do 100,000 tasks in Among Us

  • GrovesGaming

    He is todoroki in game 3

  • dog boi
    dog boi


  • logancy09

    Can I play spell break with luke the notable Yes then like No then comment no

  • G T
    G T

    Just an fyi fire and toxic can make dragon fire by making a toxic cloud then fireballing it.(its op)

  • ChrisTheSpicy

    please do league of legends 100 drops, i promise you THE VIEWS

  • Alexander Hatcher
    Alexander Hatcher

    Your pretty

  • Salty Lama
    Salty Lama

    You should play this again I liked it

  • PolarsNoob

    Do another pls I love this game and everyone does!!!!!!!!

  • Pokémon Trainer Fonzie
    Pokémon Trainer Fonzie

    I really wish there were some more elements, theres six right now, which have a good amount of interactions but I'd love like even one or two more. Also a lot of the skins are just; human; *but with different clothes*

  • Rei Gonzalez
    Rei Gonzalez

    Why does this remind me of realm royal

  • LukZrO

    I will take that 200 drops please

  • Average_Enjoyer

    My friend and I always say that ice gauntlet is a sniping gauntlet because people can snipe you from a while away lol

  • Viggo Hayes
    Viggo Hayes

    you won your first game bc the first few games are bots

  • SePtIc PsYcHo
    SePtIc PsYcHo

    When is 3000 days coming out

  • an account
    an account

    If u enjoyed the game pls do one with only one gauntlet well just an idea just to learn it might be interesting ( u can pick up a second ofc )

  • slim_kid_combs09


  • dawit azmach
    dawit azmach

    Yessss I just started then saw you playing it

  • Nαte Cɾαft Gαming
    Nαte Cɾαft Gαming

    SpellBreak looks cool

  • ಠ_ಠ

    27:10 it is really fun

  • Liam Mcgee
    Liam Mcgee

    I'm sitting in my living room eating cereal at 10:41 in the dark and I hear a giant crash and no I'm not a 40 year old mom my pfp is deseiving

  • funkmaster skid
    funkmaster skid

    When your dad sees you won the lottery 21:51

  • Cragunator Gaming
    Cragunator Gaming

    Thanks for sharing your experience with this game with us. I've given it a try as a result, and have enjoyed playing so far.

  • Smiley boi
    Smiley boi

    Me thinks combo in spellbreak is were 2 Magic’s make 1 new one Luke the notable:A CoMbo Is 2 THingS dO DAmeGe

  • JonJr

    Wifi to slow to download a gb in 20 mins 500 kb is all it dies in a sec

  • peely master
    peely master

    Game 40 my spellbraek 90%

  • Josh Meyer
    Josh Meyer

    I won my second ever match

  • Damian Damian
    Damian Damian

    I thought this game died thanks for telling me it's back!

  • Aphy.

    I played this game in beta and it was pretty alright. Just got way too sweaty.

  • ERICMM13

    The video is great and all, *but did you know that toxic and lightning is a good combo?*

  • I am a kitty meow
    I am a kitty meow

    I cant win in spellbreak i did an oopsie i started in duo (It was early access)

    • I am a kitty meow
      I am a kitty meow

      1 v 2 is bad btw

  • Lollolo

    Mine took a whole day to download Oof

  • Ranga_096

    My first match I won It was mostly skill and talent but a legendary earth gauntlet may have helped

  • luchituchi356

    People who want to download this but they are in mobile:👁👄👁💧

  • Ryan plays roblox and more!
    Ryan plays roblox and more!

    not me going on steam starting the download then watching...

  • MrSquidFTW

    19:55 when rainbow six siege did this first.... but it isn't a battle Royale but same concept

  • Riptide247Gaming545

    Luke The Notable Can You Make The Video 200 Day (Minecraft With Tors)

    • Yost

      that was 1 year ago i think he’s not gonna make any lmao