100 Drops - [Chess]
Welcome to 100 Drops Chess fine fellows and Chess Masters. I am Luke TheNotable. In this video you will watch me play one of the oldest games of all time Chess for 100 games. I played these games on CoolMathGames.com which is one of the hottest spots for Chess pros to battle for glory. Enjoy!

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  • Luke TheNotable
    Luke TheNotable

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    • Hayden Cassidy
      Hayden Cassidy

      We need more HALO bro

    • Jack the Ultra Necrozma
      Jack the Ultra Necrozma


    • Grand Master
      Grand Master

      Well done

    • Pj Cilli
      Pj Cilli

      Yes plz do

    • Karter L&G
      Karter L&G

      I would like more chess content

  • Dyslexia *
    Dyslexia *

    why are this guys videos always however much time plus one second

  • Haywire - Hatred
    Haywire - Hatred

    chess content plz 💕

  • Robert Nap Jr.
    Robert Nap Jr.

    0:54 I’m much older than that and my dad is trying to force me to learn chess when I don’t wanna

    • Arthur Morgani
      Arthur Morgani

      Try watching Hikaru, he's an amazing streamer and even better chess player

  • Cloud2603

    Hikaru is gonna be proud

  • Lian Nancy
    Lian Nancy

    anyone who's played a bit of chess is screaming internally by less than 5 mins lol

  • uh yes I guess
    uh yes I guess

    I have no clue how to play chess but I still enjoyed this video

  • Waxed copper stairs
    Waxed copper stairs


    • Arnav Manoj
      Arnav Manoj


    • Jack the Ultra Necrozma
      Jack the Ultra Necrozma


    • I_hate _Governments
      I_hate _Governments


  • Artstyle147

    Drop minecraft and just do chess

  • baconbro

    You'd wanna see that

  • Primus

    1:27 why tf does black look like poop lol

  • Sorcha Mackay
    Sorcha Mackay


  • Adam Cawley
    Adam Cawley

    Please do

  • 日西ディエゴ

    You should be in pogchamps 4

  • Blacktown Shadow
    Blacktown Shadow

    The people you played against are dumb. and you seem alright at chess...

  • Cesar Calderon
    Cesar Calderon

    I'm offended about what Luke the notable said in the first minute of the video I'm 11 btw and he's like in his 20-30

    • dr1p is a qt
      dr1p is a qt

      @Murphi Davy I’m not talking to you, I’m replying to the original comment

    • Samuel

      @Murphi Davy he was replying to the main comment bro

    • Murphi Davy
      Murphi Davy

      @dr1p is a qt I’m not 11 and how would I be doing this for attention literally no one is seeing this lol

    • dr1p is a qt
      dr1p is a qt

      Bruh I’m 11 too stop whining your doing this for attention

    • Murphi Davy
      Murphi Davy

      What even offended you lol

  • Maria Ortiz
    Maria Ortiz

    No checkers a rate doesn’t matter how I kill you are how high in checkers if you play checkers there’s a 300 IQ but waiting for you I have 28 you can beat that thing on third grader I actually have haven’t had an IQ test I’m just gonna guess it


    Cool math games is the best no cap

  • Marcedda O'Neal
    Marcedda O'Neal

    I am 11 and I know how to play chess

    • Lol

      Everyone knows how to play chess at like 10

    • Everything That Trendz
      Everything That Trendz

      @tassilo nah I mean I learnt it frm my dad when I was 7

    • Kailo - Brawl Stars and More!
      Kailo - Brawl Stars and More!

      I was 9

    • tassilo

      No way 🧢

  • gepeto delamorte
    gepeto delamorte

    0:42 he doesn't lose a bishop or a queen, it's just a trade. He probably resigned because he lost a rook in 2 moves against the worst opening ;) (the Grob).

  • Player Luke
    Player Luke

    this man ran outta ideas so he was like "Quick! I need a game to do 100 drops! (panicking noises) CHESS!"

  • nickysuper

    im happy because watching this video while luke is a noob at chess it makes me feeel like GMhikaru. instead of me being the noob and people thinking there GMhikaru against me.


    Play more chess

  • adventures w/Cathal and adventures w/Bendy
    adventures w/Cathal and adventures w/Bendy

    I'm 8 but I still don't know how to play chess

  • Landon Lile
    Landon Lile

    16 don’t know how to play but I’m intrigued

    • NooN NooN
      NooN NooN

      @Cesar Calderon why

    • Kurby

      Chess is pretty cool

    • Cesar Calderon
      Cesar Calderon

      And I'm offended

  • joshua crooks
    joshua crooks

    Called me out I was about to say I don’t have a dad then he said if he doesn’t love you look at a RSwill video🔥🔥

  • joseph montes
    joseph montes

    More chess please!

  • ToxicUnicorn

    Teach me to play!

    • DiamondDude11 [PMD Piplup]
      DiamondDude11 [PMD Piplup]

      He said he doesn’t teach how to play in this video.

  • Just Your Average Betta
    Just Your Average Betta

    8:11 that was a dumb move, blacks pond could’ve killed your queen

    • Chase Thomas
      Chase Thomas

      Lol I saw that too but to be fair it is cool math games


      Ikr I died of cringe

  • Benjamin3653

    Did anyone get a chess add while watching

    • Case Gilkison
      Case Gilkison


  • Knockback_Stick

    11:45 just Bf2 lol I literally almost fell off my chair

  • Magic Wizard27
    Magic Wizard27

    You mastered 2d chess, yes, but what about 5d chess with multiverse time travel.

  • TheGamingChair

    This was a interesting video, but i gotta admit I was checking when the video ended more than 10 times.

  • Ferret Lord
    Ferret Lord

    I would like a sequel, it adds some variety, plus I like strategy games.

  • Case Gilkison
    Case Gilkison

    He fell for the Fried livered LOL

  • #Omega gamer
    #Omega gamer


    • Dummy D dude
      Dummy D dude


    • STLA


  • Tolin Boyd
    Tolin Boyd

    He plays the game for fun. No where near pro. Wins 10 games in a row.

    • Kurby

      This is coolmath chess tho

  • Pr0j3ct 02
    Pr0j3ct 02

    100 drop checkers?

  • Lackin’ Lotus
    Lackin’ Lotus

    I love seeing a bunch of these games where the opponent has there pawn literally attackin LTN’s piece most specifically queen and doing nothing with it haha.

  • Octopus Guy
    Octopus Guy

    I enjoyed watching this. It was so... delicate

  • Jappy Zappy
    Jappy Zappy

    Cool maths games😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

    • TDDingers

      @Case Gilkison cool maths games

    • Case Gilkison
      Case Gilkison


  • greedo 4343
    greedo 4343

    game 92 the guy went for the kings Indian he very good

  • Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING
    Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING

    TMW you realise the king and queen look like eachother

  • Filip Dreemur
    Filip Dreemur

    I wonder when chess 2 will come out im waiting like 1500 years for it

  • Dark9 gaming
    Dark9 gaming

    200 drops chess plz

  • BigManTing


  • Ayush gamer
    Ayush gamer


    • Whoops

      Asking the real questions

  • Tajipoo09

    bro im trash at chess, the game is about thinking ahead but when i do it just hurts my head, i have like 1 iq bro

    • will_warrior

      Me too... Me too

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment


  • It do be like that sometimes.
    It do be like that sometimes.

    Most of this video is just, “They left”

  • storm X
    storm X

    more chess



  • Zeke R
    Zeke R

    11:45 Using the bishop instead of the knight was checkmate cause the king couldn’t move ;-;

    • 죄송합니다 사칭하지 않겠습니다
      죄송합니다 사칭하지 않겠습니다


    • cherylle ang
      cherylle ang

      yooooo your right

  • syam pranav
    syam pranav

    8:08 wt

    • Santi G
      Santi G

      Sacrificed the queen and they didn’t even realize

    • Nour Nawar
      Nour Nawar


  • Dr Feltersnatch
    Dr Feltersnatch

    Damn I remember back in the day in 2005 chess came out and everyone went crazy

  • peppermint com
    peppermint com

    my dad does not love or live with me so ill watch a youtube video

  • eat my string now
    eat my string now

    Play more I like this

  • JJ_next

    "Yo let's drop B5" "Idk, sounds risky"

    • Karen Osland
      Karen Osland

      @Crova Roblox got em

    • x Quikzy
      x Quikzy


    • JJ_next


    • Crova Roblox
      Crova Roblox

      @Awesome Studios how are you so recent

    • Awesome Studios
      Awesome Studios

      How is this so recent?

  • Just Watching some YouTube
    Just Watching some YouTube

    Game 32 ok I looke all over the board and so why didn’t the pon kill the queen even if the pon dies it’s just a pon so that’s sus

    • Harland


    • Critical Halo
      Critical Halo

      Pawn bro

  • Ondřej Doležal
    Ondřej Doležal

    8:09 welp that was a blunder

    • Ondřej Doležal
      Ondřej Doležal

      @죄송합니다 사칭하지 않겠습니다 yeah, the mind games

    • 죄송합니다 사칭하지 않겠습니다
      죄송합니다 사칭하지 않겠습니다

      No, it's a brilliant move.

  • Gabriel Gibby
    Gabriel Gibby

    I'm an absolute BOSS at this game, but every time I get close to winning, the other side goes AFK.

    • 日西ディエゴ

      @Gabriel Gibby rating

    • KHAVIL

      @Gabriel Gibby I hope you're joking

    • Gabriel Gibby
      Gabriel Gibby

      @Robert Pietraru What's that?

    • Robert Pietraru
      Robert Pietraru

      What's your ELO?

  • coola gurkan
    coola gurkan

    I hear the Swedish National song

  • Johnny Keith
    Johnny Keith

    More chess

  • Teggers 162
    Teggers 162

    1:18 He left… Literally can snipe his rook

  • Grettel Cambronero
    Grettel Cambronero


    • Kd

      You gave me an ad

    • tundra

      8:06 10000 IQ Play by LTN lol

    • Crazium


  • cats dogs go
    cats dogs go

    At my school they blocked coolmath

    • Paul The Sniping God
      Paul The Sniping God

      That is the definition of depression

    • Jami Murphy
      Jami Murphy

      Sad 😔

  • Delfy Dragon
    Delfy Dragon

    I would love to see you play more chess

  • Amshu Amaraji
    Amshu Amaraji

    coolmathgames really has some uncool lazy 13yr olds controlling its entire population

  • Amshu Amaraji
    Amshu Amaraji

    mooooooooooore chesssssss

    • Amshu Amaraji
      Amshu Amaraji

      @Mark Bessell ah yes this display of dumbness is cause I forgot I could edit a comment

    • Mark Bessell
      Mark Bessell

      @Amshu Amaraji did you like and reply to your own comment ?

    • Amshu Amaraji
      Amshu Amaraji

      I actually enjoyed this a lot, this guys got some sweet sweet narration skillz

  • Dagomyre

    Le chess.

  • Waldemar Leibbrandt
    Waldemar Leibbrandt


    • Wewetrue

      Y E S

    • TheAncientNoob


    • zolve

      i guess

    • •Phoenix Rose•
      •Phoenix Rose•


    • KajunChicken


  • Mohammad Khayr Shariff Tapsi
    Mohammad Khayr Shariff Tapsi

    Did you know that you can play chess in primary schools in Armenia?

  • Samuel McKay
    Samuel McKay

    I wanna see "The Notable Chess Tournament"

  • Snipe2920


  • Lollipop'd

    Real chess 100 days perhaps?

  • Cain Langlois
    Cain Langlois

    Thy scallywags don’t stand a chance against the notable king

  • Fred Rodrigues
    Fred Rodrigues

    800 Rating be like:

    • hardal

      @idk anymore bots dont really play like which rating they are.Someone rated 800 can easily beat a 1300 rated bot

    • idk anymore
      idk anymore

      @hardal its a simulation of what an 1100 rated player would play like and he easily beat the 1100 so he may be way above this figure

    • hardal

      @idk anymore that was a bot

    • Case Gilkison
      Case Gilkison

      1100 is not a high rating

    • idk anymore
      idk anymore

      he beat an 1100 rating player

  • WAscourge

    8:08 its kinda funny that he just very calmly hung his queen

    • Ahmet Yunus
      Ahmet Yunus

      Yeah lol

    • Alec Gatzulis
      Alec Gatzulis

      To a pawn too

  • Devyn Leighton
    Devyn Leighton

    want more chess pls yes like 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Small Child
    Small Child

    You are so good !

    • KittySaddam

      @Calxcalibur he has some points tho

    • Case Gilkison
      Case Gilkison

      @Ahmet Yunus Please spell better

    • Calxcalibur

      @Ahmet Yunus Really* Too* Queen* Opponent* Didn't*

    • Ahmet Yunus
      Ahmet Yunus

      Not realy he brings his qween out to early and he blundert his qween so much but he was lucky every aponent dident take the qween

  • Samy's Gaming Zone
    Samy's Gaming Zone

    Most of the game he won by resigning

    • Case Gilkison
      Case Gilkison

      can someone delete this page

  • Angel The Impostor
    Angel The Impostor

    100 drops Checkers Maybe?

    • Amshu Amaraji
      Amshu Amaraji

      truly an angel imposter

  • Iksiruk

    Luke went from 1 ELO to 161660 in just 100 games

    • 日西ディエゴ

      You are not a psychic

    • Outcastsage9033

      @sahir de look,i saw rook a4 i just didn't like it

    • onionbread225

      @sahir de like 3 moves in a row

    • sahir de
      sahir de

      @onionbread225 didn't even see rook a4

    • onionbread225

      he hung a piece on move 6

  • crazy-skeleton


    • crazy-skeleton

      @Case Gilkison I LOVE CHESS

    • Case Gilkison
      Case Gilkison

      You hate chess

    • crazy-skeleton

      @Case Gilkison I LOVE CHESS.

    • Case Gilkison
      Case Gilkison

      You hate chess

  • Jack Gamez
    Jack Gamez

    This is the only way I will watch chess

  • Tristian Thomas
    Tristian Thomas

    enjoy your commentary so much. i just watched a 20 minute video about chess

    • RandomGuy98

      I watched it like 3 times now

  • Lucila Jimenez
    Lucila Jimenez

    I don't have one

  • Bryden Collins
    Bryden Collins

    100 drops in bloody palace (devil may cry). that should be interesting

  • Omison

    Yes play this more

  • Bossk 'wassak' Cradossk
    Bossk 'wassak' Cradossk

    Nobody is born cool. Except, of course: people who don’t leave a game because they’re losing

    • NooN NooN
      NooN NooN

      I did that with rook sac

    • NoLifer

      About 10,000 Chess masters disagree with you.

    • lol big
      lol big


  • Aries the War Wolf
    Aries the War Wolf

    I’m kind of raging at the people who forfeit because they were “going to lose”. Such cowards, and they even ruined the best game in the video!

    • Gaming52

      @Aries the War Wolf but the RESPECT! i guess that's an American thing.

    • Aries the War Wolf
      Aries the War Wolf

      In a lost position? In most of the games where people forfeit, anything could happen and they could’ve gained the advantage.

    • Jake Langley
      Jake Langley

      Resigning is common in chess and considered etiquette when you're in a particularly lost position.

    • Crubrutock Csgo
      Crubrutock Csgo

      What??? Dude do you even know anything about chess? Resigning is considered as a show of good sportsmanship and respect towards the enemy, showing that they have won and gained their respect, please shut tf up if you donot know what something is

  • Aidan Gittings
    Aidan Gittings

    The queen is so powerful because she never dies

  • Vinnie Tawhiti
    Vinnie Tawhiti

    Play more chess! Play more chess! Play more chess!

  • Zachary Gustafson
    Zachary Gustafson

    As a backgammon fan, I am utterly floored by the content on display! Shame on you, Luke the Notable, for dissing the best game ever created!

    • Josh's game corner
      Josh's game corner

      As a chess fan, I courtly invite you to a duel to find out which game is superior, in a game of checkers or if you prefer, tic-tac-toe!

    • Aries the War Wolf
      Aries the War Wolf

      @Bossk 'wassak' Cradossk Okay, that’s not a very nice way to respond.

    • Bossk 'wassak' Cradossk
      Bossk 'wassak' Cradossk

      Oh look, a backgammon fan. Let’s point and laugh!

    • Aries the War Wolf
      Aries the War Wolf

      Well, he told backgammon fans to not watch the video. That’s kind of on you for not taking the warning.

    • Bumble


  • stupialt deadname
    stupialt deadname


  • Toprak B.
    Toprak B.

    6:24 “Game 24, Black once again played the rook-pawn opening! Nerds would call this a5.” ⬆️ I mean, he’s not wrong…

  • Flipster

    Cool math game 😎

    • Case Gilkison
      Case Gilkison

      Why is this a comment???? What’s the point of this comment

  • The Wall Nut Gamer
    The Wall Nut Gamer

    king (useless) queen(K.O)

  • NoobbooNOOF Channel
    NoobbooNOOF Channel

    brain training 100 time ...

  • BadhitmanHMA


    • AmericanFreedom


    • Pew

      @Cosmic Klampzy boooo

    • BadhitmanHMA

      @Cosmic Klampzy Boo

    • Abusive Pelican
      Abusive Pelican

      @Cosmic Klampzy ???????????????? Broke mans chess huh

    • Cosmic Klampzy
      Cosmic Klampzy