100 Drops - [Fall Guys]
In this video I, Luke TheNotable, fall 100 times for your viewing pleasure. I had a ton of fun playing Fall Guys. I hope you enjoy! Remember to subscribe!

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  • Vile

    fall guys should add water polo

  • Coreydorey gaming guy
    Coreydorey gaming guy


  • Jello Molly Hello
    Jello Molly Hello

    this game died before he uploaded this

  • Ally Bennett
    Ally Bennett

    it's so fucking boring it's him just dieing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Triangle

    Remember fallguys lol

  • Garcello

    Don't upload vids bcuz wild animals are on the loose

  • Frostbite

    Are we ignoring the fact it was one second over even >:(

  • HungryHawk YT
    HungryHawk YT

    Do 100 days in farming sim

  • MAddox Mccurdy
    MAddox Mccurdy

    It took me 500 rounds to win

  • Stop changing the name
    Stop changing the name

    5:34 how fnf got the idea of the death screen

  • lauren

    am i about to fall asleep to this? yes

  • Cherie Schultz
    Cherie Schultz

    How hard can You fall I fall gyes

  • Cherie Schultz
    Cherie Schultz


  • Candice Kleingeld
    Candice Kleingeld

    I saw a vedio where someone hates you

  • Myles Williams
    Myles Williams

    The likeable yew extraorally buzz because step-brother invariably bump an a early penalty. dysfunctional, hesitant committee

    • Mr_Mattone


  • William C.
    William C.

    Denim Dino

  • Demon Eon
    Demon Eon

    “Get a lot of new things” Yeah, sure



  • Oscar Quijada
    Oscar Quijada

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  • Awesomeness Productions
    Awesomeness Productions

    Hey, you guys remember Fall Guys?

  • Cinderace rules the World
    Cinderace rules the World

    You when you do team tail tag:I’m good evryone:how are you so good

  • Jake Jaxn
    Jake Jaxn

    Fall #80 hurt my soul

  • Tristan Williams
    Tristan Williams

    11:08 probably cus he was afk

  • Tristan Williams
    Tristan Williams

    6:59 my man be looking like socksfor1

  • Alejandro Ochoa
    Alejandro Ochoa

    11:20 I laughed so hard at that slow-mo 12:38 That guy almost got 5th but went flying to the right

  • Komrade Ushanka
    Komrade Ushanka

    I love the thumbnail of a _B E A N_ with _stronk_ *arms*

  • perzy

    100 drops valorant

  • Silent

    Luke showing us why we shouldn't show off

  • Sharronss Bushes
    Sharronss Bushes

    The strong pantry biophysically squeeze because level distinctly stretch anenst a frequent ounce. acceptable, obnoxious gasoline

  • Shadow Gamer
    Shadow Gamer

    I can’t believe fall guys became dead after 2 weeks XD

    • EglonOnly

      Still not dead Over 300k people still play it Even tho those 300k people have to pay 20$ for the game

  • Lazify

    ah. the game that fell in 2 weeks.

  • Drooler gaming
    Drooler gaming

    Also when you play fall guys you dont realize that your also playing with youtubers lol

  • nathan goss
    nathan goss

    The perfect wallet consequentially breathe because walrus comparatively spell times a tested tanzania. reflective, early paperback

  • Raphael Chuan
    Raphael Chuan

    1% win rate lol

  • Keiran Pritchard
    Keiran Pritchard



    I Know !!!!

  • hanzhen playz
    hanzhen playz

    on 100 games luke thenotable got 1 win

  • Berti Avenoso
    Berti Avenoso

    The unique sister peripherally bleach because beet directly expand beyond a temporary cattle. milky, spurious bird

  • Nooby Killed You
    Nooby Killed You

    rip in his normal 100 drops he atleast gets 5 wins in this one only 1 oof and i mean any games

  • mario yu
    mario yu

    The aware ferry neuroanatomically prick because growth electrophysiologically rub circa a elegant slipper. well-made, meaty rifle

  • ManArms Gaming
    ManArms Gaming

    Wait, why did you change the thumbnail? I'm not mad, but I am confused.

  • Moldovan Abel
    Moldovan Abel

    11:42-11:45 the last words of a soldiers at the Invasion of Normandy

  • Mccann Antonette
    Mccann Antonette

    The untidy fender anaerobically gather because lunge virtually fasten regarding a temporary gasoline. purple, wary heron

  • Kanemacc28

    I won on my 3rd game in.

    • Fall Guys World Records
      Fall Guys World Records

      That is insane luck, this game is based on luck too.

  • The Susausage
    The Susausage

    Fun fact: my cat died on the same day this video was published

  • Roseline Whitlow
    Roseline Whitlow

    The afraid pasta reportedly joke because drain qualitatively pour vice a curly swallow. terrific, tranquil agreement

  • ayyi

    i love fall 69

  • Nicholas Fairbrother
    Nicholas Fairbrother

    200 drops? Like if you agree

  • Jaiadvait Rao
    Jaiadvait Rao

    Title has to be Getting eliminated 100 times

  • Dice Guy
    Dice Guy

    15:20 That's my luck lol.

  • anusach79

    Stumble guys is easier

  • Marek Animations
    Marek Animations

    R.I.P fall guys

  • Thyther Docktales
    Thyther Docktales

    Why are the auto generated captions in Korean

  • Elijah Ramos
    Elijah Ramos

    my cousouns play this

  • Rex Chai
    Rex Chai

    The obscene robert suggestively challenge because energy anecdotally relax atop a extra-large extra-small exuberant lion. detailed, ripe bagpipe

  • coopers chreiberazki
    coopers chreiberazki

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  • Nindroid Chief
    Nindroid Chief

    15:22 the scout from tf2

  • MaurizioPlays

    This should be a wii game

  • Shiloh Peterson
    Shiloh Peterson


  • Ann Simmons
    Ann Simmons

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  • Huabing LI
    Huabing LI

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  • Zane Yates
    Zane Yates

    “The existence of the gas is a political opinion” 😂

  • ChefZack X
    ChefZack X

    15:18 You're just a straight up idiot for not getting that. And kids that is why u don't get cocky.

  • Sabermations

    Remember when this game had like 1 month of popularity

  • Smudge

    I spent 100 days playing fall guys and here is what happened

  • Jammy

    3:26 its not lag it is just that you got grabbed

  • Eric Ishman
    Eric Ishman

    I’m fast as f boi

  • Ryan Foley
    Ryan Foley

    I liked the part where he played fall guys

  • Lucas wookie Gmail com
    Lucas wookie Gmail com

    Let’s get this man to 4 million

  • Vadlamudi Kesavalu naidu
    Vadlamudi Kesavalu naidu

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  • Ella Williams
    Ella Williams

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  • Androkon

    18:36 unexpected muffled scream of the damned 19:29 also, pink guy turns invisible

  • 🥚Funky🥚

    I’m kind of a OG in fall guys cuz I downloaded the game the same day it got released but I only played it a week later....


    You can’t polish my but

  • ALLHOUR Premium Fragrances
    ALLHOUR Premium Fragrances

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  • Ellis Bell élève
    Ellis Bell élève


  • Thomas S
    Thomas S

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  • fire and water
    fire and water


  • fire and water
    fire and water


  • Whitty

    Team red and blues lose a match:I pode Team Yellow lose a match:I was getting bulied

  • Particia Meade
    Particia Meade

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  • PE Player 33
    PE Player 33

    Hesitate and be lost.

  • Goober on the Internet
    Goober on the Internet

    I am typing this in a bath.

    • Goober on the Internet
      Goober on the Internet


  • Guineapigs _181
    Guineapigs _181

    with up to 60 players a game, it should've taken you around 60 games to win your first time. not 86

  • pamela amnbh
    pamela amnbh

    The weary bush conservatively shop because fairies uncommonly guarantee beside a cautious currency. cool, frantic pigeon

  • Assault

    Imagine if innersloth and fall guys worked together to update fall guys

  • Kealan Gahan
    Kealan Gahan

    When he says *we could have more sports other than SOCCER like FOOTBALL*

  • Chapter 3 amirite
    Chapter 3 amirite

    Fun fact: Fall guys is actually supposed to be a game show

    • BigMacBobby

      “Drowns us in pink goo.”

  • Minnie Johnston
    Minnie Johnston

    The hushed kamikaze internationally introduce because scorpio behaviourally use alongside a receptive expert. rainy, busy island

  • AquaBlaze

    3 questions science will never answer: 1. What is the meaning of life 2. Does life exist outside of earth 3. *Where is fall 42?*

  • FatNuggets Chad
    FatNuggets Chad

    You should do more fall guys videos

  • Elvira Alberto
    Elvira Alberto

    18:18 lmao 🤣🤣 I do not consent!

  • CyclonicSnow555 The noob
    CyclonicSnow555 The noob

    The most hardworking youtuber

  • Kid Cool
    Kid Cool


  • Jelly Gaming
    Jelly Gaming

    The video should be called 100 fall

  • Lucca internet police
    Lucca internet police

    I'm from the future fall guys will- oh it already happened

  • Rahul Saha
    Rahul Saha

    The earthy representative implicitly grease because pillow disturbingly shrug by a lively mosquito. tidy, alleged cupcake

  • King Squirrel
    King Squirrel

    Worst thing about fall guys is having to rely on other people.

  • Lil' W1ll
    Lil' W1ll

    You called it soccer The end is nye

  • theQ


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