100 Days - [Minecraft Nether]
100 Days in Minecraft's Nether is quite the challenge. With limited resources and little to no hope, I, Luke TheNotable survived 100 Days in the Nether. I hope you enjoy!

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  • Luke TheNotable
    Luke TheNotable

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    • Slow Masteer
      Slow Masteer

      @Kacper Komputer me too!!!!

    • Kacper Komputer
      Kacper Komputer

      im saving

    • Clark Swain
      Clark Swain

      A castle

    • ooey animates
      ooey animates

      When is hardcore 3000 days

    • Travis Farose
      Travis Farose

      Wait beds need wool so how did u get wool????

  • Robert & Shirley van Staden
    Robert & Shirley van Staden

    Luke try the origin mod

  • HobbitFeet

    “So I left with a clean pick” noice

  • PalmKitty

    Your voice sounds dead inside and that’s why I like you

  • Chase White
    Chase White

    Luke the notable you’re not really smart I’m saying you’re really smart but sometimes you’re not it’s the little times you’re not smart plus if you zone out that’s when you’re not so smart OK I’m just trying to be kind I want to hurt your feelings or anything but your videos are great but that’s who you are and who you are you don’t care about your account yes but a great son videosBlack diamonds 500 gold 600 never write 4 billion

  • Chase White
    Chase White

    If you go to the nether you could sell gold and you can get millions and of dollars

  • Zenitsu


  • J Ditsfights256
    J Ditsfights256

    “I just want some diamond armor!” His helmet that he already has that he’s not using: “am I a joke to you?”

  • Caitlin Mulholland
    Caitlin Mulholland

    All I watch is all the videos Luke made because I have nothing better to do!

  • multi reaction
    multi reaction

    try to survive 1000 days there

  • wierd chicken man
    wierd chicken man

    how do you keep track of time

    • HobbitFeet

      He probably counted each minute

  • Jayden Liu
    Jayden Liu


  • Quackify

    (at night) Don’t mine at night (don’t mine) (at night) (D-O-N-T M-I-N-E) (D-O-N-T M-I-N-E) (D-O-N-T M-I-N-E) (D-O-N-T M-I-N-E) (CHORUS) Don’t mine at night I know you’re looking at that cave And you’re feeling kind of brave Gonna bet you’ll be alright Don’t mine at night There’s nothing that is gonna change If you just wait until the day Zombies wanna eat your brains Don’t mine at night I know it’s me you’re gonna thank Make a bed it’s not too late Three wool and three wooden planks Don’t mine at night How many times I have to say Drop the pick and walk away, ay Oh, wuh-oh Don’t mine at night (don’t mine) (at night) Don’t mine at night (don’t mine) (at night)

  • AxolotlGamingYT

    When u say black stone fortress it’s actually a bashtion

  • kuba toka
    kuba toka

    na chetah

  • amelia magaoay
    amelia magaoay

    This is hardcore

  • amelia magaoay
    amelia magaoay

    Luke:I need diamond armor Me:the frekin diamond helmet

  • lolwut

    “Eyy! There’s the baby! Time for some inbreeding, less *GOOOOOOOOOOOO!”* -LTN 2021

  • amelia magaoay
    amelia magaoay

    Oooooo ma gad I loved your 100 200 1000 2000 days vids

    • amelia magaoay
      amelia magaoay

      Use the diamond helmet dum

  • R Farrukh
    R Farrukh

    7:48 what was that

  • Ibrahim Korajac
    Ibrahim Korajac

    Luke: this ain’t like dirty bedrock we have cords Me: you dare disrespect the alternative to Java Let me explain I don’t have a device that can have Minecraft Java on it only bedrock because it is an xbox

  • gamer pro guy
    gamer pro guy

    LOL 19:34 the piglin dance

  • srinivas vanapala
    srinivas vanapala

    Ok llllllllll

  • Märkä Kakke
    Märkä Kakke

    ayy there's dababy less goo

  • Khen Grumacon
    Khen Grumacon

    Hahaha 7:47

  • LearningLou

    I play bedrock minecraft, I have my house in the nether.

  • Pro Airsoft
    Pro Airsoft

    Why dont you just find a portal fix it light it and ur saved?

  • TheRadRadioDemon Haha
    TheRadRadioDemon Haha

    “Good thing u accidentally turned on the mod that gives me more blaze rods” Context: for legal reasons that previous statement was a joke” Glitching makes it sound like: For legal reason the previous statement was not a joke BANG BANG BANG* FBI OPEN UP

  • Zaya Bataa
    Zaya Bataa

    AHHHHH GET THE ANCIENT DEBRIS WITH UR DIAMOND PICKAXE, Few minutes later Oh you finally got the ancient debris ok

  • VioletFox #004
    VioletFox #004

    The time stamp is purefect the only purefect time stamp i saw 30:00 ;-;

  • Enrique Galindo
    Enrique Galindo

    Did anyone notice the piglins dancing after hunting a hoglin at 19:34

  • Jordangaming Rodriguez
    Jordangaming Rodriguez

    It such a P A I N To Survive In The Nether There is so much to avoid no yeah never live in the nether

  • Sophie THOMPSON
    Sophie THOMPSON

    and i will

  • Sophie THOMPSON
    Sophie THOMPSON

    i want to do this

  • ConArtic

    18:53 69 days, nice

  • Crystal Baran
    Crystal Baran


  • Andrew Lawlor
    Andrew Lawlor

    Can we take a moment to admire that this video is exactly 30 minutes long?

  • Gachagameinghunt

    how do you tell what day it is if your in the nether

  • Raphael Fuchs
    Raphael Fuchs


  • RoscoPlayz

    7:47 scared the living life of the living turds out of me (im childish i know)

  • Kim Jones
    Kim Jones

    I killed the wither when I was 6

  • whyamihere


  • Oof boi
    Oof boi


  • Mr.Watermelon

    This video is among us sussy baka😄😄😄😄

  • james hall
    james hall

    Random Question Time! Who remembers the good old days where blue dye was lapis?

  • Rexazon

    On day 40 your house looks like a fancy bastion

  • Madonna Golden
    Madonna Golden


  • Rexazon

    Day 101 ?

  • Rexazon

    How to do the challenge without cheats world type single biome and than whatever nether biome u want

  • Jeff Awad
    Jeff Awad

    Love the vids but r his camera settings a bit meh

  • The stop motion General
    The stop motion General

    Maybe if you do 3000 days you could make a backup nether house

  • xSkizIsCool

    7:46 AA that spooked me.

  • Logan Glasspell
    Logan Glasspell

    15:31 uhm, bedrock has coordinates.

  • Quinten XLaceX
    Quinten XLaceX

    7:48 that actually scared me smh

  • Iva Bel4eva
    Iva Bel4eva

    Pls make 3000 days

  • NatureBoy

    He: builds a bedroom I: Aaah for the Respawn anker He: puts beds in I: -_-

  • Talha Riaz
    Talha Riaz


  • Hazza Chivers
    Hazza Chivers

    i love ur 100 day vids please make more

  • Syed Muhammad Khalish
    Syed Muhammad Khalish

    when he said the haze the ash turn it to speed 0.25 it sounds funnier

  • Lemon Socktopus
    Lemon Socktopus

    can you do 200 days.

  • Creeper007 Singh
    Creeper007 Singh

    Is anyone else triggered at the fact that he left a netherite ingot in the bastion?

  • PixelPro_9991

    How did u get wool lol or a bed 😂

    • Ariz Animates
      Ariz Animates

      piglin bartering gives you string which you can make wool from to make a bed xD

  • Jarjedi

    On bedrock there is coordinates

  • oscar REVIEWZ 547
    oscar REVIEWZ 547

    🎶 "who cares if he's giving up sunlight?, glowstones all he needs to keep things bright. Down there in the nether, he loves it in the nether, youl love it I-in. The nether!🎶

  • Allan Reyes
    Allan Reyes

    7:29 you can craft it you need redstone dust and gold like same as compass

  • Peaceful Mind - Meditations & Soothing Sounds
    Peaceful Mind - Meditations & Soothing Sounds

    I love your vids thank you so much for posting

  • Shannon Molarius
    Shannon Molarius

    Is that ok with you?

  • Shannon Molarius
    Shannon Molarius

    Sorry I want to be like you and I kind,a want to coppy you I’m so so so so sorry

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya

    I thought I heard It's just a burning memory at the beginning

  • Masked- imator
    Masked- imator

    "Alright, another normal day in the nether. Time to run for my life" - Baltimore resident

  • reflected

    9:03 just listen...

  • Radical Vibe
    Radical Vibe

    Who else almost died when he made the wierd dieng donkey noise on day 26

  • Joan Youn
    Joan Youn

    next step of luke the notable: 100 days in outer space with no helmet

  • defeated_ elite
    defeated_ elite


  • Lachance Maxime
    Lachance Maxime

    Waaait a min.... How tf he got a bed!! Not only one, but three?!

  • Ritzy

    Since when did ltn turn to corpse... [day 72]

  • À Đ Gaming
    À Đ Gaming

    19:51 luke the notable out of context

  • Potato Knight
    Potato Knight


  • Ilike Yourcutg
    Ilike Yourcutg

    Make mutant mobs mod 100 days its pretty hard I tried it 19 times and failed and I gave up

  • Griefgetrekt

    19:35 look at the piglins danceing

    • Enrique Galindo
      Enrique Galindo

      It's very rare for them to do that after hoglin hunting

    • Enrique Galindo
      Enrique Galindo


  • Ville Iisalo
    Ville Iisalo

    FINALLY MORE!!!!!❤😃

  • buckwasinnit

    I ain't in dirty bedrock I have cords (Bedrock players dieing in a hole)

  • TBT Snipez
    TBT Snipez

    Him: saying he has control me: we don’t have a hulk but we do have a skip button

  • TBT Snipez
    TBT Snipez

    My name isn’t Timmy but good guess

  • blue sheep
    blue sheep

    How did you make a bed with no wool or string?

    • Dragonceratops

      Piglins can trade you string.

  • Crumbled_Cookie

    wow i can even stay alive in 1st day in overworld ,but u can stay anywhere without dying so wow

  • TicTok1248 Tic
    TicTok1248 Tic


  • presley miner
    presley miner

    Do you need a mod for the striders

    • G P
      G P

      No you don't need any mods

  • offical Xavier
    offical Xavier

    Day 75 is my fav

  • Clutch Eagle
    Clutch Eagle

    19:51 my man turned into corpse

  • ProBro Charles
    ProBro Charles

    What do you mean bedrock doesn't have cords we literally have the easiest cords in minecraft

  • Ohaxolotl

    He just forgot about the diamond helmet he got really early on into the video

  • kaeden and Friends
    kaeden and Friends


  • Tazer 65
    Tazer 65

    12:10 There's some blue wood *sounds of constipation*

  • Heather Perrier
    Heather Perrier

    Text: in the Minecraft Noether Me:*laughing*

  • Antero Williams
    Antero Williams

    since on the nether roof, there is a lot of space, and you can make a hoglin farm. make a small platform on the rood and put warped mushroom thingies on all blocks on the edge and have a large platform like, 30 blocks high for the hoglins to spawn and put warped mushroom things on like, every 5 blocks. porkchops. (havent played minecraft in a while, just came to me)

  • ill-naget09

    200 days with tores

  • Jacob Thibault
    Jacob Thibault

    -Diamonds are useless if you’re dead Luke the Notable

  • Rõxâññë ūzūmákï
    Rõxâññë ūzūmákï

    When he screamed it scared the crap out of me and made me have Gossebump😅😳

  • Cherry Marshmallow
    Cherry Marshmallow

    17:00 notable nether brick?

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