100 Days - [Minecraft End]
Minecraft's End is not a very habitable dimension. But in this video, I, Luke TheNotable will survive in the End for 100 Days. It'll be difficult, but hey, that's what I get for starting at the end. Enjoy! Make sure to subscribe!

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      This video came out on my birthday cool :)

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      Theodor Theodor

      Make 100 days in cave only

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      3,000 days


    You're creative keep going✨✨✨✨✨.. Sender: your brother (Baraa) from Palestine 🇵🇸🇺🇸

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    Juan Rivera

    I love the disign

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    Everyone gangsta until he makes 200 days with tors.

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    Just a friendly reminder that 2k days was last year…

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    Drayden Hein

    “ Yep they’re doing it right now quoting me in the comment section in my own video” - LukeTheNotable

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    My skin is an enderman but with green eyes

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    Is he an atheist cause if so might need to go to church just a thought 💭

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    Longest wonder dragon fight my a** just look at boffy’s upside down vid

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      Austin Dik


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    I think he's dead

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    Stephanie Wehrle

    Where is 3000 days

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    Commodore Turner

    but fr how you got the torch

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    Lily Saintil

    Do a fortnite 100 drops

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    Ukrainian sturgeon

    I’m glad he only swears occasionally. Unlike other RSwillrs. 13:58 This next song is called “BZZZZZ-BZZZ-ZZZZZ”

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    "All you guys do is quote me"

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    What happened to fortnite hah?

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    Omg wow

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    “I’m not insane, I’m notable” -Luke thenotable

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    man should do 100 drops splitgate

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    you should do a 20w14 infinite world and survive in a random dimension

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    11:53 deserves a like

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    Jake gaming and fun

    This video in 2 or 3 words endstone mining

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    Still waiting for baby yoda and spire assasin one day🥲

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    When do we get to see you do this on an extreme biomes map?

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    3000 day's I'm waiting

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    Ayla XD

    How about this challenge 100 days on flat mode and creative on Minecraft and is going to be crazy but I don't know if you're going to say yes or no so I don't want you do it because you did a creative one and a flat one and I decided like well when is he going to do a flat creative one and I really want you to do it

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    Adriman :D

    Try to do a 100 days in the old nether :)

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    Instead of him saying dragons breath he said coffee breath 19:41

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    Try something harder.. like 100 days in the overworld

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    the dreams of Brantley and bros

    200 days please

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    Heaven dose exist

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    What would you do for a klondike bar Luke TheNotable: I would kill a baby villager

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    all this halo infinite news and gameplay footage and no halo on this channel :(

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    3:17 *Day ur mom*

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    Luke play the forest it's a good game and would probably make a good video

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    1 more vid till 500

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    the gamer

    3000 days in hardcore

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    gamer squad 2009

    you must be a really good at Minecraft cause people haven't done this👍

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    100 days 20w14infinite

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    Heaven does exist. Jesus is Lord.

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      Who asked tho

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    when is 3000 days

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    Lifeless voded do do do do do doo do do

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    I just know that u helped other RSwillrs make the vid



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    Luke thenotable, more like Luke the quoteable

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    100 days in a cave only world

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    100 drops in save the world pls

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    Corbin vanhoy

    Hey did you know someone is using your 100, 200,300, 1000 and 2000 days of minecraft hardcormode videos

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    do 1000 days with the tors in minecraft plz

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    Nicole Craft

    Luke I'm not trying to be rude but you sound like a 3 year old srry

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    dick doug

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    Plz make a part 2

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    This is actually the story of the enderman

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    Ice_Creeper MC

    Now get me a hardcore minecraft with Tors.

  • FartArsier

    wait how did he get the torch

  • Marcelin Gopaul
    Marcelin Gopaul

    he could have used silk touch on his pik so he can get glass .(to the idiots yes i know if he looks at sn enderman it will chase him but his house i 2 blocks so bruh)

    • Nolmc

      He did collect glass

  • Crystal Hedger
    Crystal Hedger

    100000000 in the edge

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    Lakshay Kumar

    Do 200 days with Tors

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    Corey The God Of Boxes

    Try 100 days in the seed 1597421266, try the seed again for a reason.

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    Nathan Nathan

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    80% of the comments: quoting him. 20% of the comments: keep making the hardcore series.

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    Karl Mullen

    how did u get item phrames

    • Nolmc

      End city ships

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    Aditt Shrestha

    Let's be real, the video could've finished in day 27

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    26:59 That looks like Hitler

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    Jessica Huxmann

    eh hi so 100 days the end in stead of 3000 days makeing money um kind a wird LOL!

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    Christine Donnelly

    You should do either episode on your 2000 days Hardcore world

  • Christine Donnelly
    Christine Donnelly

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    Key of the d

    100 days stranded at sea

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    Gojifan 54-19

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    Aarush Pal

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    The straight crab geometrically cross because eyebrow thirdly phone around a sulky war. steep, xenophobic chair

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    200 days tors

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    1 Sad Boi

    “People are quoting me in the comments” No we aren’t

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    When I put it to my shoulder guns like a woman son that's all I hold her

  • jw vlogs
    jw vlogs

    It's just an old double barrel 12tje stock is cracked and it kicks like he'll

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    Izak Sadowski

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    Gideon Greevink

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    Jeff Gordon

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    Connor Jardine

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    Marinelle Uanan

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    Xayla Waller

    this is soo cool even your house

    • Xayla Waller
      Xayla Waller

      this was soo cool make a nother one

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    Malcolm Lawrence

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    The Scream

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    Eternal YT

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    Jazz Pasco

    If you do another 100 days in the end, you should put another bridge under your first bridge so you can eat on it and be teleported to the other bridge, rather than the floor.

  • Cereal Gameplay
    Cereal Gameplay

    Everyone: Impossible Geosquare: Hold my nothing

  • Hey it’s me
    Hey it’s me

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    simon olexa

    sorry for being rude but pls stop trade marking other 100 days youtubers they add mods and stuff making it special ive never seen u do like 100 days in a hive or something so pls stop bc u might loose fame and ur one of my fave youtubers bc of coming up with this and if ur reading this and stop trade marking other 100 days youtubers then thank you

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    Next vid 100 days in hell